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Hello ! I'm a newbie ! :D

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Hello ! I'm a newbie ! :D

Hi !
I'm new here !
I know AWN since a lot of time and I posted some topics on the ex-forum (this one is new, or am I wrong ?)

I'm a belgian student of 21 years old; i'm studying animation in Bruxelles.
If I got no problems for my examens in September (i didn't succeed all of them in June), I will enter in 4th class.
In that school (La Cambre), we've got to make a film by year.
I had a bad year in 2003-2004; so i didn't finished my film, I was really sad of that... There are still storyboarded scenes and no sound....
But if you want to see it like it is actually; here's is it:
L'herbe est toujours plus verte...
Its a divx file.
If I got time during the next year, and if my dislike is passed, i'll finished it.

My last finished movie (2002-2003) is in flash and can be viewed here. It was selected at the flashforward2004.
Lemming Contre Nature

OK... So tell me what you think of all that stuff !!!
See you later !


I viewed your Flash movie "Lemming Contre Nature". It was good -- I especially enjoyed the colors you used. However, I feel that your animation was a little stiff in some areas -- you may want to add some secondary emotion and also some anticipation to help give your cartoon more oomph.

That said, I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. Keep it up!

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Ok thanks for your reply!
About the colors, that's strange, lots of people tell me that.... and i'm colorblind !
Have you seen my unfinished work ? (l'herbe est toujours plus verte) ? Some people tell me the same about the colors.

Only one reply?
I was expecting more than that :(

Hi Gordie, and welcom to the AWN forums. I hope the slow response doesn't discourage you from visiting in the future. I checked out your Lemmings short and found it very fun and entertaining. Divix never seems to work for me, so I wasn't able to view your other work. I look foward to seeing more of you work in the future.

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Hey Gordie, great work on the Lemmings cartoon... had a lot of funny moments in there. I haven't had a chance to view your other film yet, but when I get my fast internet connection back, I will be sure to check it out. Keep it up and welcome to the forums! :D

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Wow great job on your Lemming short!