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Download my latest film "A Patch on the World!"...

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Download my latest film "A Patch on the World!"...

'A Patch on the World!' is a brand new comedy series based around two young men as they lead their everyday crazy lives. This 3 min episode is about them trying to avoid the loan company and their landlord who bears more than a passing resemblance to Suddam Hussein...
The film is around 13Mg:
Hope you enjoy the film! Let me know what you think!

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No comments yet :( Guess you guys don't think much of it...

tom, i promise i'll take a look at it once i get off from work.....i'd hate for my employers to catch me goofing off.

looking forward to it.

Cheers! :)

That's sweet. Things move well, and its got a nice pace. Good stuff.

pretty cool stuff, tom.
i like how it just ends and that's it. not to mention your music was really good and fit perfectly.

Real good art work, Fantastic sound. I’m just starting out and I think people tend to forget about the sound track or add it in almost as an after thought. Good short, only one problem, you killed Patch! I would have like to have seen a sequel.


Don't worry, Patch and Arnold are still alive!! They fall into a skip full of knives and forks! I had the background done but thought the film would end better with a still of them falling into the camera...