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3D Popeye

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3D Popeye

Here's the trailer for that new Popeye cartoon.

Don't forget to watch the latest Popeye cartoon: Friday, Dec. 17 at 8:30 PM, following the Simpsons.

I just feel sad that they have decided to do it... why can't they leave it alone? I would like to say that if the Fleischer brothers could see it they would be spinning in their grave, but I doubt it, as they were always desesperate for a quick buck.

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I finally got around to watching the new Quest for Pappy Popeye cartoon last week.

It wasn't as good as the Famous Studios cartoons, which weren't as good as the Fleischer cartoons, which weren't as good as the Thimble Theater comic strips, but it was still pretty good: flawed, but entertaining.

At about the same time I also viewed Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (another 3D cartoon) which was awful.

...before I say anything, did anyone work on this?

I dunno, some of it looked well animated with some squash and stretch, and other parts just looked OK. Does anyone know what company animated it?

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i know that at some point , vinton's studio was working on it.
but that job went away friom then late 2002 i think...


Does anyone know what company animated it?

Mainframe in Vancouver

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Will Vinton got fired from Vinton Studios over this Popeye cartoon - by major studio shareholder, Nike CEO, Phil Knight - (Phil Knight can be seen in the Michael Moore movie, The Big One, in which Moore confronts Knight over outsourcing and sweatshops) - supposedly over script disagreements with King Features.
The project then went to Mainframe.

That's cool to hear Mainframe did this. Some of the animation looks quite good, and other parts decent. It seems to be missing something though. It feels more like a televison episode than a feature. In some scenes it's like the characters are just plopped on the bg. Overall it think that it's more reminiscent of the more recent Popeye cartoons, than the very early (and best) Fleischer cartoons. The gags on the trailer just don't seem to be up to par with the 30's flicks.

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seems to me that whats missing from this film is attention to the lighting and shading. Its very "default maya render" to me. Also, I lament the loss of some of the Fleisher brothers "rubber noodle" animation feel. That's what made them unique!

And as far as I know, Will Vinton wasn't fired from Vinton Studios because of this project. It was a symptom of a larger issue.


And as far as I know, Will Vinton wasn't fired from Vinton Studios because of this project. It was a symptom of a larger issue.

However, the tipping point in the relationship between Vinton and Knight seems to have revolved around the production of a CGI Popeye TV special.
- Harvey Deneroff, former editor of Animation World Magazine

[Popeye] was also the project that helped remove Will Vinton from his studio after 27 years.
[i]- Vinton Studios animator, Joel Brinkerhoff

It's okay, ender. I know you're required to say bad things about Vinton now that Knight owns the studio and his son is looking over your shoulder. Don't be too surprised when he outsources all the animation to some Indonesian sweatshop. ;)

What did they do to Bluto? Now he´s a coward, he smiles and he helps Popeye???

Don´t tell me they did that to the Sea Witch too!!!

P.S.: DEVO rocks.

Hmm. Harvey are you using those quotes to try to discredit what I'm saying? I'm curious, seeing as I'm sitting in the studio right now and have been for the past 3 months, if you think I didn't get a bit of information about why the owner of the company isn't here anymore in my time here. Quoting magazines is fine, but don't trust everything you see in print.


Hmm, sounds like a case of Rashomon.
I'm curious to hear Vinton's take on it, but apparently he ain't talking.