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Columbia College in Chicago

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Columbia College in Chicago

i live in Wisconsin and am looking at colleges. Obviously, because of the forum I’m posting in, I want to go to college for animation. ^_^ Now, my dilemma is the common one of money. My mom, in my opinion, is freaking out, and is pretty much forcing me to go to a state school (a public one at that), because it’s cheaper that way.

I’ve been looking, and UW Whitewater (my sister went there) has no animation program at all, as far as I know. It is supposedly a good art college, but I doubt it a little (bad film “festival” experience). And then I looked up UW Milwaukee because it’s SO close and is renowned for art. They have no mention of anything animation on their website, but I do know they have a film program.

Anyway, what I’m pretty much saying is that in my opinion, I don’t have many options.

BUT! There IS Columbia College in Chicago, and it’s only an hour and a half away. I’ve looked at their classes and they have lots of animation ones, not to mention other art classes that I am very interested in. They’re cheaper when compared to other private schools of their caliber. And I know for a fact that they have a FANTASTIC film program. (for some reason I feel that if a school can’t get film right, I can’t see how they could be really good at animation, maybe that’s just crazy thinking, but…*meh*) Also I know that you CAN get by successfully there without a lot of money. (I have lots of poor friends ^_^)

Despite how much I really like Columbia, my mom still rejects it, saying that it’s WAY too expensive (about 7, 500 a semester not including dorms).

What I’m trying to ask:

Does anybody know about the animation courses at Columbia?

Or have any school suggestions that aren’t too expensive or at least have lots of scholarship options?

And is it really worth it to fight my mom on this?

And is it really worth it to fight my mom on this?

Hey drainpipebunny, sorry but I don't have any knowledge of the courses at Columbia.... BUT it is definitely worth fighting your mom on this. This is YOUR CAREER we're talking about. I wouldn't jeopardize that by going to a school that doesn't teach what you want to do. In my opinion, that would be wasting even more money! The industry is competitive, which I am learning first hand since I have recently graduated, so it's important that you are able to get the animation skills you will need... I am guessing a state school would not be much help. I don't know of any inexpensive schools, but I'd be surprised if any school didn't offer scholarship programs... I know the money situation is rough, but think of it as an investment in your life!

That's my take... hopefully others will be able to give more insight on Columbia or other schools near you. :D

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Hi there
I currently live in the metro area of Chicago and here's what I can tell you about the schools here.

Yes Columbia College has Animation classes, but that is completelly different from majoring in animation, you can earn a concentration. I don't know if that will help your career to have a concentration while other people throughout the country have BFA in Animation (from whatever school).
I personally do not know anyone who went there for animation, so I can't say yea or nay on them. I am personally (back) at the community college stage while continuing to work on my series & work full time. Whatever you do, DON'T GO TO THE IL INSTITUTE OF ART or any of the AI schools. I took 8 classes there over a year...big huge waste of time and money!!! (see my post in the education forum) I know people who have like 80K in debt from the degree mill

Do yourself a favor. Take as many of the boring gen ed classes at your local community college and then transfer them (of course before taking them, have a few schools in mind to make sure they will transfer). This will save you thousands literally. No living at home won't be fun, but this will really help the financial aspect!

Hope this helps.