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This is what i graduated with

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This is what i graduated with

hey guys.. this is my graduation piece that's not getting me any jobs :mad:

lol alright.. i'll let you guys go at it.. let me know what you think:)
Run time: 1 Minute 30 seconds...
File size 14.1 MB
Codec to watch: Divx

don't butcher me too much..:p

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Please join my new websites :D

Please join my new websites :D

Make a Quickie?

For the world of non-pc users, such as myself with a mac, can you make the movie a quicktime file so that I can see it?

Friendly word of advice about posting stuff,
expect to be butchered, and enjoy it. Everyone says something for a reason and all they want to do is help you be better than they are:)


don't butcher me too much..:p

first off, you have my sympathies... I'm two months away from graduation and I'm working on my own reel right now, so I completely appreciate not only all the pain that goes into making one of these things, but also how much it hurts when people butcher your work. Last week I worked so hard on four shots, thought they looked pretty good and then took them to class. One instructor liked them and one instructor just slaughtered them. I went home feeling like someone had stomped on my head. Still, if you're serious about getting a job, you really do have to at least listen to what other people say before making your own decision on whether to act upon their suggestions.

So, my criticisms...
1) The first 10 seconds of your reel has to be the eyecatcher--the thing that prevents it from being ejected and tossed. For the reason, I don't think I would've done the long camera zoom at the beginning. Maybe a couple quick establishing shots, but you don't really need more than that.

2) Don't be afraid to get the camera close for the animation you want to show off. I'm thinking in particular when he walks out toward the cheese. Walk cycles are hard so I would've gotten in there and really showed that you know how to do it. Same deal with the push--I would've stayed longer on those shots and put the camera somewhere where you can see all of the action.

3) The facial animation is pretty good. I have a great appreciation for that gulp at the end since that's one of the shots I just finished--and had reviewd last week. Yours looks more convincing than mine. There's something about the lip smacking thing that's not reading though. I'm thinking maybe you need to roll the lips in slightly when he smacks them to more strongly suggest where the 'smack' sound is coming from.

okay, well that's about all I have time for since I have to run to school but, take heart, I know the job hunt is tough.

awsome review athena

madman.. sorry about the divx stuff..

ANYONE know what's the best way to compress quicktime out of Premier 6.0?

well the movie i compressed is only 3 minutes.. and 320X240 and it's giving me about 650 megs.. that's a lot.. and surely not for the web... i can't get it down under 10 megs...

i see lots of quicktime movies that are longer then 3 mins but around 10 megs and stuff.. how do they do it and why can't i???

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there used to be a quicktime compressor inside Premiere. It also used to come with a seperate application to compress files. If you don't find it there, try going to I'm sure they have something to convert the files to quicktime


oh yeah, I'm a mac user(now) as well, and I'd love to see your work too

compression suggestion...

I am a big fan of Premiere except for one thing, files that you create, whether they're quicktime movies or avis, they come out as PREMIERE versions of the files. I think. I've tried posting them on my site from there, but I don't remember them working too well or being small enough.

You rendered the video with Premiere for PC?
interesting. I wouldn't know how it works exactly then.

All I know is that when I compress films that at 720x480 full resolution at 300mb, I use Final Cut Pro (for the mac of course) to export them as an MPEG-4 at 320x240 bringing the same file down to like 11mb.

I too dig premiere for editing much more than other programs, but exporting to the web is not one of premiere's stronger suits. In combination with other suggestions other than Final Cut Pro, I'd say make an MPEG-4. I'm sure you'll see a huge difference in file size for the better...even at 29.97fps:)
If you see my films on my site, you'll get an idea of what it could look like as far as resolution from "best" "not the best, but good enough":)


thanks guys.. you see i can compress the divx out of premier nicely.. it gives me very good size...

i do have after affects 5.0 does anyone know if that will compress it even better then premier???

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AE probably compresses just as well as Premier. The issue with compression being your choice of codec, not the application doing the compression.

so is there a codec for quicktime?

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You can use various compression codecs within a QuickTime file, yes. Where did you go to school that they neglected to teach you about compression?

Mind you, where I went to school, they didn't do a very good job either.

hey man, what school did you go to? Also, i've heard from alot of industry people that they don't want to see bad modeling or texturing on an animation demo reel. if you're just going for animation, then we don't need to see all the camera movements either. and one last thing, i've heard it's not a good idea to have your demo reel be an animated short... it might be a better idea to have multiple examples of your animation skills with multiple characters and situations... i'd try to use a few shots from your existing short along with other projects you've been working on... good luck!

About AE 5...

In answer to your question of compression from After Effects...

One of the screwier things about Premiere, like I said, is that the type of files exported from Premiere are some "version" of a premiere file. It's not a "pure" quicktime movie (if that's what you're rendering your timeline as). It has some damn Premiere coding attached to the file. For example, if you render your timeline as a quicktime movie, you'll get one that will surely play in a quicktime player...but try double clicking on it without any other applications open, it'll open premiere.

Pain in the ass, says I.

Take the SAME movie you edited in Premiere, render it in premiere, and then bring the movie you created into AE to render down to the "pure" quicktime that will instantly play in a qt player or even better, will be playable on most computers who use the web. The file size will depend on your output perameters.

Did you get all that?

Good luck:)

That's only if you leave a project link embedded in the exported file. Otherwise premiere doesn't make some "special" type of video, just straight avi, qt, etc. By default premiere will export to a DV file type, which means big, full res videos. If you're wanting to export stuff for the web you can do it easy enough, you just have to change the settings for the export.

As for the film bot getting you any work, it depeneds what kind of work you're going for. If you're after modelling texture or lighting work, then ther's no chance. Your films too low poly, and there's not a texture in sight, plus the lighting is awful.
So I assume you're after animation work.
If so then it comes down to the fact that your animation is way too blocky. The timings are good, but there's no flow. It just hops from one key pose to the next rather robotically.
An animator needs imagination, and sadly a mouse going after cheese doesn't show a huge amount at work.
I would recommend just using some very simple characters with good rigs to show off some basic animation skills. Walking running, jumping, being surprised by something, etc. That'll look much better to most people.
Best o luck bud.