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Digital Media DC Conference in Washington DC

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Digital Media DC Conference in Washington DC

Hi there,

Did anyone attend this conference before? Since is very expensive to go, I would like to hear some comments on the conference. Thanks!!!


Hi summerfish,

I have not actually attended the conference before, but an instructor of mine is the program manager and is also the conference's technical chair for Photoshop. His name is Richard Harrington, and he is an expert at what he does. If he is involved with the conference, then I think you will be exposed to high quality training sessions.

To cut down on costs, I recommend that you look at the conference schedule and see which day offers the most training sessions that you are interested in, and buy a one-day pass just for that particular day. ;)


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Digital Media DC

Hi Sharvonique,

Thanks for your information. Richard Harrington? I'd check it out if he is in the lists.