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Crit this shot for me pls.

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Crit this shot for me pls.

Ok. The work on the character is still to be finished. Interested in what y'all think about the Tv sets movement, etc.
Many thanks.

qt 5.8mb

what was that?

It's pretty.
But what happened?
creature about to leave home, hand bag is allowed to come along, creature says goodbye to his home with acting.

Works for me:)
It's just a little hard to discern exactly what the handbag is all about acting like a puppy. Kindof makes me want to know more about the bag.



Close. It's the boy (who looks like a creature) leaving a room after doing something there. He turns back to call his dog (who looks like a television), and off they trot. Simple enough.


It's okay. It does need sound and mabe some cutting, you can do miracles with editing sometimes. The story also may need some work. Like Madaman90 said it's pretty but it's still needs work. Your on the right path tho. Keep up the good work.

cut??? but it's only one shot out of a 20 min film. No story to speak of though, so that's bang on.


I think the only time the full-on room view was appropriate was at the beginning (long stretch, what is he gazing at? why'd he turn around? OH it's moving, THAT)..........and at the end (goodbye empty room, wistfully)

Or maybe you haven't even decided camera stuff yet, maybe this is a directing rough...

Even as basic as this is, though, it would really add punch to have more intuitive angles -somewhere- down the pipe

Well, I'm not sure of what your intent is for the film, If it's part of a longer film that's ok but I found your composition of the scene a little bit large. There's a lot of head room and the wall where the dresser is could be moved closer to the center of the room.

Again, I don't know what you have in mind for your character so I'm not sure if you plan a stylized movement but I thought it moved a bit 'unreal'. One thing I noticed was the body seem to move ahead of the feet, kind of light-weight, without a feeling of mass, almost like it was helium balloon. I checked the feet of your character and it look at times like both feet were coming off the floor at the same time. For a few walk sequences there was almost no support for the body through the legs.

And for some of the other steps the feet are lifted way too much to show any support and thrust.

Again, both feet appear to be off the floor. Even with the toes of one foot barely touching there's not any weight being supported, it's as if the body was floating and the feet are trailing below.

And at the door, both feet appear to lift of the floor at the same time.

Didn't mean to scare you off, that's what I noticed. If you do have something stylized for your character that's ok but you may want to look at this movement before you finish rendering your character out. And the TV as a dog was cute.

It looks good to me.
You need to work on the lighting and camera angle and maybe switch on final gathering, but you probably already knew that.
Maybe the TV could have an antenna that is wags, and the figure's arms could swing - at least slightly - when he walks.

Yeah, the staging was was very cluttered, which shouldn't happen for being in such a large room. The "boy's" animation was a little stiff, but the TV's animation was fun and lively.

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Wowser. Thats quite a dissection. OK. Right, during the walk to the door the lights are totally off in the room, so all you can see is the faintest of shillouettes. The stepping out of the door is a bit awkward due to door handle height, leg length, and arm length. I'm glad the rest (including the tele) is in good order though.

As for the cut, camera angle comments, no, no cuts, no other angles. This is the final cut angle after an action sequence (which has the tail end of it from this shot cut from the beginning). As far as cuts cameras go, I think this should work quite well.
Thanks for all the input. Especially you, master nit-picker, you. ;)