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What to do with a movie?

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What to do with a movie?

The question may seem naive, but bear in mind that I come from a very different country. I and a group of friends who work for the official animation studios here are trying to do something on our own. We found that we could compete with and even exceed the standards of our country, but I have a strong feeling that may not be enough for the rest of the world. We're currently working on some shorts, but want to go for something bigger.
But I, being the cautious one, would like to know before embarking on a long-term project that will cost me my shirt, if I will ever get it back. For that, I would need to market abroad, in that ruthless world out there.
:confused: So, first, Is there any sort of quality standard, like format, resolution, number of colors, sound quality?
:confused: And, once with the finished product, what can do?
Any suggestions appreciated. :D

- What country do you live in, by the way?

- Do you mean the final format of the video? If you're aiming DVD release, you can go for:

720x480 pixels / 0.9 pixel aspect ratio (NTSC Widescreen)

44.100 / 16 Bit / Stereo

Anything else (VCD, SVCD) will be sampled down from this format, do it's OK to aim at it.

- You can send it to all festivals around the world... use it to get financing for your next movie... sell it over the web... everything :)

Curious about, where I'm from? Let me give you a hint: the only country where you can see a 1950's cadillac with the motor of a russian Lada :D ...and not too far from you.
It's Cuba.
Sorry it took me a bit to reply, but I only have internet access every so often.
Thanks for your advice. Trouble here is that everything made here with very few exceptions, is for domestic consumption, so it's been difficcult to know how we should face the rest of the world.