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best schools???

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best schools???

Hi everyone!!! :) Its really cool to be a part of this forum!!! I needed some help….
I am a designer by profession, working in India. I have had this major interest in animation and after 1 ½ yrs of working in the industry I still can’t get animation out of my head….I still want to pursue it. What I actually wanna do is character design…. i'd rather concenterate more on traditional 2d animation rather than 3d
I have started short listing some colleges – been doing this by going through the recommended college lists of digital domain, ilm, pixar, etc.(where I eventually dream of working!) also I have been going through the profiles of the employees of these studios. Some of the colleges that came up were:
 Cal arts – experimental animation
 Rochester institute of technology – film and animation
 School of visual arts, New York – computer arts
 Pratt institute – computer graphics and interactive media
 Savannah college of design - animation
 FIT-bachelor of fine arts – animation (2yrs)
 Vancouver film school – diploma in 2d and 3d animation
 Academy of arts – computer arts
The other colleges featured in the lists do not have masters’ courses in animation. I ‘ve even shortlisted some colleges for UG courses in animation since they do offer scholarships:
 Ringling school
 Rhode island school of art and design
 Columbus college of art and design
 Emily carr institute (definitely economical compared to the rest of the colleges!)
What I really needed to ask you all are your opinions on the above mentioned colleges. Are there any other colleges I can apply to? Also I wanted to know what is the actual scene in animation out there in the US/Canada….even in terms of employment. Is illustration an option??(some illustrators specialize in 2d animation) I really really need somebody’s guidance on this.
Thanx everyone!!!
Devv :)