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Classical Animation or 3D animation HELP!!!!

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Classical Animation or 3D animation HELP!!!!

Hi I am a current seneior in high school who really loves 3D animation and want to pursue this as a future career but Im having troubles making the correct decision. I want to know if I should go into Classical Animation first then 3D animation or should I go do 3D animation and then Classical Animation would it make a difference any which way i do it? and if i decide to go into 3D animation first would that make things hard for me? please help anyone who can really need help

- Ranvir Singh

Classical first, then 3D.

The principles you'll learn in Classical will apply directly to 3D and you'll be better off for it.

Otherwise, it's like trying bake a cake by throwing the whole box in the oven and expecting to get a good result.


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what ken said. Companies would rather see that you know the principles of animation and hire you. They then train you in their software for 3d if you don't know it yet.. But traditional is the best way to go.

Yeah, it depends on what do you want to do in 3d. If you want to do everything, you'll have to study software a lot. But if you want to animate, it doesn't matter what kind of animation you study, because in this case the timing is the most important thing of all, be it 2d, stop motion, whatever...

3D Training

Going the classical way is fine if you are looking to do nothing in 3D Animation. The problem with most students or people that are trying to get into the 3D Animation field is that they try to study old styles or techniques. The best way to get involved and learn 3D Animation is to either buy the software and learn yourself or take classes in 3D Animation and Design. Animating a character or object in a 3D environment is not the same as animating on paper or with clay, etc...

As far as companies hiring you. They do not care about a degree or that you have classical animation experience. They want you to be able to produce the quality of work that they currently do now and do it in a short time frame. That is all that matters. It also depends on whether you are looking to go into films, gaming, etc.

Daniel hit it on the nose. Timing is everything. If you want to wait 4 or 6 years to go to an animation school then great. If you want to learn 3D animation from people with real world production experience than check out