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Concept Art

Hi guys and girls.

I was wondering if anyone could help me out by posting any links for concept art pages. I am looking for some exapmples of rough characters and BGs, etc. for reference. I have found some, but remember seeing many MANY more, probably posted on here. It is best for me if the designs are for animation, but I am not that picky... Live action has some really nice stuff as well, for films like Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars, etc., etc. Mostly fantasy stuff or sci-fi... Whatever you can send along would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a million.



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"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

has enough artwork in the forums to choke a horse!

Try there!

Splatman :D

try it has a lot of artwork of all ranges. is another art site (yes it is really called eatpoo and they are rally serious about their art) I'll let you know if I come across more

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Hey Wade, you can check out Doug Chiang's website at He was one of the main designers on Starwars Ep. 1 and 2.

Ryan Church is another artist on Starwars Ep. 2 and 3. His site is

You might also want to check out Chris Reccardi's site at He has some amazing work. He worked on shows like Power Puff Girls, Samurai Jack and the show I'm on Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.

I hope this helps you out some.

The Epa

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One of my favorite Concept artist is Feng Zhu

Checkhis stuff out at

I think you'll like his work, it's top notch. Cheers

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Wade K best place for concept art is your own imagination & observing reality :)

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Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Shany... Are you serious? One would think that was a response to a student who is looking for answers on how to draw.


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

you always crack me up!

Oh wait..
i 'm realising this could sound mean Shany
that's not what I meant to do.

It;s just seeing your post rightbefore wade's...

probably because i seem to have known wade and you for a while thru the posts now, and, yes, that answer did sound like what david's caradinne teacher would tell him in the tv series KUNG FU

that's all

wade.. some of my friends do graphic novels in france.. would you like some of their sites??
it's not really concept art.. but , it's pretty fun stuff??


oh hehehe,

i didn't mean to sound like a teacher :) or any 'study on your own' line.
i just ment that ofcourse we can use other ppl fantasy art or any cool concept art.
but all of those concept arts came from others who in the fist place came from our imagination and by looking around.
thats just a good practice thats all .

pascal, i am just a funny guy :) and i am not got offended by other's posts.

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Hey guys,

Pascal, I always like to see fun stuff. Send me the links (please)!

The actual reason I am looking for concept art is for inspiration, more for the different looks in BG's. I have seen some great stuff for Tarzan and Ice Age, and a lot of other stuff (I have the link for that great site, and will post it from work tomorrow), and I want to see more for ideas as to how I might be able to proceed better. I want to see stuff that is outside the flat 2D painting mold, which I have been doing all through my career.

I am experimenting now with "painter 8" at work, with simulated oily pastels, and chalk, and airbrushing, and a whole whack of other really cool tools that this really cool program offers. I am having a blast, but seeing how I have never worked as a concept artist in 13 years in animation, and I am forced to do it now, I need to be inspired. Some stuff I have seen has inspired me, so I want more.

It is pretty humbling being reduced from a director's role in the animation industry to a lowly concept artist in the video game industry, but whatever pays the bills I guess. I have always ben good at telling my designers how to make designs better, and tweeking them on my own, but actually designing them from scratch... That is a foreign thing to me. Oh well... New industry... Guess they are not going to let me run it right away. That will take AT LEAST six months.


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

i like BGs in 2d fighting games like Street fighter!
those were cool.

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ok.. so...
i'm sorry this is a bit messed up but..
I got a bunchof links to various stuff you might want to check out at some point or another

These are not Concept artist as per say, but you hav ethe sites of a lot of illustrators such as peter de seve, virginie brocquet, thierry robin, etc tec who have done beautiful work

I would recommend you copy and paste this in a word document si you can keep for further references

I'll dig up some more( lol, actually, As i was looking for the adresses, i was realising there were a bunch i hadn't seen for a while!!)

Hope that helps, and, if not for this time around, it's always nice stuff to have anyway , no???

Ok.. Take care, good luck with the gaming business..i'd love toknow how itworks out foryou

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Bon, AR Rahman est l'un des plus grands musiciens vivant, sérieusement.

Musique électro à disposition.

Exotica, les mystères de la jungle.

Une chanson improbable par jour !

Musique Informatique Un excellent dévelopeur d'effets VST

Le grand site consacré aux VST.

Mon magazine.

Et mon autre magazine.

Une bonne base de donnée de logiciels musicaux.

Là aussi, d'excellents plug-ins VST.

Bande Dessinée Un bien beau site sur la bande dessinée.

Les éditions Delcourt.

Des amis mangaka.

Les éditions Rackham.

Spirou, et chaque semaine, il y a des nouveautés.

De bons camarades.

Les éditions Humanoides associés.

Les éditions Dupuis.

Trondheim, la ville la plus pluvieuse d'Europe.

Graphisme Une couverture de pulp par jour.

Il est fort celui-là, et il fait un dessin par jour.

J'aimerai dessiner comme ça.'

Holy CRAP! Ar eyou nuts, Pascal, buddy?!?!?! Hahahahaha. That is an absolutely HUGE list!!! Hehehe. Thanks a lot. I will hang on to it.. I do have one link for you guys to check out though, as promised.

This guy is great... An old Disney guy. I prefer his character designs over his concept art, but it too has a nice feeling to it.


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

he's in the list!!

Now THAT's a list!

Good show pascal!

(copy, paste!)

Splatman :D