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Please, help a moron!

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Please, help a moron!


digitize my man......

Hey Bird,

I can't even begin to tell you how to get 16mm onto a computer. With video, I'm familiar with capturing, digitizing, and editing; but with film--I'm ignorant. On the other hand......a way to get your stuff into a computer for output would be to get yourself a scanner and some rudimentary editing software....and away you go.

I usually scan my drawings, fix them up in Photoshop (or some other manipulating-type software), and then edit it all in Adobe Premiere or Afterffects. Output is up to you at that point, whether it be 24fps, 30fps, or even 12fps.....depending on the appropriate speed.

I actually wish I was more familiar with film but digital seems to be the more efficient way to go these days. You sacrifice certain qualities but time is well saved.

Hope this helps..........and I've probably been even more confusing with this post, so if you have any questions feel free.

Hi Toonsmith74, Thanks for the prompt reply! I'll give it a try. You're right, digital seems more efficient, and cheaper, I can't afford the 16mm test rolls anymore. I also came across a website,, which has something called Lunchbox Sync. Seems to be an expensive system once you include the necessary peripherals-know anything about this system?Thanks again, Toonsmith! Bird

I've seen those pencil test thingies called "Lunchbox" but I never used them--not sure if it's the same thing or how they work but it's worth a look. From what I understand, it was a quick way to shoot drawings and check your timing.