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Newbie, and some inquiries ...

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Newbie, and some inquiries ...

Hello -

I am new here and have been lurking around. AWN has been a fantastic recource for me and I can see that there is alot of talent, both pro and up and coming ppl here. Hope I fit in :o .

Who is this newbie anyway? Uhm, I'm an artist/animator with lots of talent and free as a bird. I got an AS in Compu. Animation and I've worked in Laser Light Show animation and sculpting huge Chinese dragons for the city of Seattle. Currently ... uhm lets just say I'm Freelancing and working on improving my skills. I also host my own on-line comic book, Deep Space Mayhem

My fav. (most current) cartoon shows are Ed, Edd and Eddy, Fairly Oddparents, and I've always been a big fan of Pokemon. My favorite style of animation is mostly good ol' traditional 2D American Animation (oddly, often reffered to as "old school" animation). Uhm, like WB, and Disney styles animation. And I respect Anime' and 3D animation. 3D isn't my fav. but it's OK. I respect Anime' for the artform that it is, but I'm picky as to what Anime' I like.

I have noticed that there are some Pro ppl here who have great spots in the industry. I was wondering ... what does it take to break into that job market and what qualities would a studio or employers of animation places be looking for in a person's portfolio? I've got stuff and I've come close on some things but ... well let's just say the job market is extreemly tight (especaily around Seattle WA *pretty much non-existant*) and very competitive. Are there any pointers you all could give me that might help me gain employment at a studio or whatnot? What they look for, what YOU see or don't see in on my portfolio that could help me in future endevors?

I am very open to critiques at the moment. Don't worry, I can take it, I'm not one of those self absorbed, high nosed "Arteeeeests" whos gonna cry or blow up at the first mention of something bad or wrong. I'm looking for creative critisism and outside opinions help to improve my portfolio and work. I don't always see whats up with my own art.

My on-line portfolio it @: Heather's Portfolio

Anyhooooooo - looks like a cool place to chat with fellow aminators (teehee).

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Tuam libera mentem - Free your mind

Tuam libera mentem - Free your mind

Loving the dragon!

Keep up the good work and welcome, it's a strange and frightening place.

The Brothers McLeod

i just watched the psycho chicken short. I think that you may want to focus on pacing. All of the animation seemed to happen at the same pace. The whole piece looked floaty because of it.

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Welcome! I am actually fairly new myself, but I had to comment on your Pocket Rocket! haha, that made me laugh. A lot of nice work in your portfolio, keep it up!

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