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Le Tour de France!!!

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Le Tour de France!!!

If I am not animating you will find me on my bike on some desolate stretch of road. So I was wondering if anyone else out there was watching the Tour? Looks like Texan Lance Armstrong just might win his sixth in a row setting a new record.

While watching the Tour though you cant forget about Triplets of Bellville (spelling?). I must say that film truly captured cycling as these guys do look like lame horses going up the alps!

any input?

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watching ppl cycle for 5 hours isn't something that is enjoyable.
if you want to enjoy, sign up for the tour and compete for your self.
whithin this 5 hours you can workout out door and make an healthier life than sitting in front of a tv.
just my healthy advice :)

have a nice day.

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OH but you are wrong my friend! I dont sit infront of the TV. I have an indoor trainer and hook my road bike up to it. Thus I can peddle right along with the TV with simulated mountains, flats, etc. Animators gotta exercise eh? I just knock out two birds with one stone when watching the tour.

You may be surprised man give it a chance. I have made lots of people with your view on cycling become avid watchers. Lots of team strategy goes into each day. Give it a chance!

i don't belive in macines and thier AI.
cycling with simulated stuff is not even an inch compared to real life cycling :) of course it is a better oppertunity than sitting, thus i like running.
so in both ends we do enjoy :) .
dunno bout the others though hehe :)

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Yeah I must say being out on the roads is far more better then spinning indoors (plus its more entertaining with passing scenery).

Good to see we both do enjoy outlets. I have a fear of packing on 100 pounds and obtaining carpal tunnel after 30 years in the biz, rather I need some outlet!