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Searching for Frederic Back?

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Searching for Frederic Back?


Does anyone know what happened to Frederic Back? Is he still alive?


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i assume he is as awn hasn't posted any sort of obit.

he's my favorite.

Frederic Back article by William Moritz

In the unlikely event someone out there isn't aware of Frederic Back's beautiful 2D traditional animated works, this AWN back issue article by William Moritz will make interesting reading.

It's at:

It also contains some production stills.

If anyone hasn't yet actually seen Back's films, you'll be richly rewarded with hope and inspiration if you see them.

Perhaps instead of the phrase "...if you see them" I should have said, "...if you EXPERIENCE them".

Hi Larry,

As far as I know Frederic Back is still alive.

He is a great Artist.
"The Man who Planted Trees" is one of the best animated films of all time.
Frederic received 4 Oscar nominations and has won 2 of them.

The last film that I saw that he worked on was a 2002 documentary, "Memories of Earth".
It's a film about Haida legends, and Haida Gwaii, and Frederic animated segments for the film in his style.
It ran on the french CBC network in Canada, and on Bravo Canada earlier this year.

See the link below:

There is a great DVD box set of all his work, available from the CBC Canada.