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Best Schools In California San Diego???

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Best Schools In California San Diego???

Anyone know of any really good schools in San Diego? I already know of Art Institute of San Diego which is WAY too expensive even with financial aid. 75Gs...crazy shet!..Any others?

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Guess what?... I've got a fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell.

Guess what?... I've got a fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell.

Anyone know anything platt college in San Diego? How creditable is it? Is it a good school to go to for animation? Ive been doing searches on top animation colleges in california and that one always comes up within the top 5. Also does anyone know of any unversities that are great for animation?

Guess what?... I've got a fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell.

$75k is for the complete 4-year program at $373 per credit hour. In my [limited] experience, this is the average going price for a good art school. Not to say there aren't cheaper schools that will give you a good education, but in my opinion if a school is worth what you pay, more or less, with some notable exceptions. I wouldn't gamble my career on a school of unknown or questionable quality just to save some bucks; if the choice of schools means the difference between being a successful artist/animator or struggling to pay the bills, then it's paid for itself. The better schools can attract better teachers with their more prestigious reputation. I don't know enough behind-the-scenes to know whether they attract better teachers by paying higher salaries from their higher tuitions, but I suspect that's probably the case as well.

Hey man! Thanks for the information. I totally agree with you on that one! I actually really did want to go to the art institute because they really covered all aspects of animation and their labs were great. A couple of the professors I met were ex-disney animators. There is another college Im lookin at and it's Platt College. I have an appointment with them next week but here is their curiculum:


• An Associate Degree from Platt College San Diego or equivalent.
• Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe Illustrator®.
• An acceptable portfolio reviewed by our experienced faculty.

Software Utilized in Program:
Adobe After Effects®
Adobe Illustrator®
Adobe Photoshop®
Alias|Wavefront Maya®
Apple Final Cut Pro®
Apple Final Draft®
BB Edit®
Bias Peak®
Macromedia Director MX®
Macromedia Flash MX®
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX®
Media Cleaner Pro®
Microsoft Word®
Sony Media Software Acid Pro®
Swift 3D®
Term 1 - Graphic Design
TYP101 Typography/Computer System Skills
DES101 Design Basics
CR101 Production for Graphic Design

Term 2 - Graphic Design
P102 Introduction to Raster Graphics
D102 Introduction to Vector Graphics
DTP102 Digital Publishing for Print I

Term 3 - Graphic Design
P103 Digital Imaging
D103 Internet Publishing
DTP103 Digital Publishing for Print II

Term 4 - Multimedia / Animation
MM104 Basic Multimedia Design
DM104 Digital Video Editing
DP104 Multimedia 3D Animation

Lower Division General Education Courses
CDW Career Development Workshop
ART100 Survey of Art History – I
COM101 Oral Communication
CSC101 Introduction to Computers
ENG101 English Composition
ENV101 Environmental Science I
LIT101 Introduction to Literature
MAT101 Business Math I
PSY101 Introduction to Psychology
SBS101 Success Strategies

Choose 2 of the 3 Specialized Disciplines from below
Term 5 - Specialized Multimedia/Animation Design
AM300 Motion Graphics/Special Effects
AB300 Organic 3D Animation
AG300 Electronic Game 3D Animation

Term 5 - Specialized Web Design
WA300 Animation for the Web
WC300 Web Campaign Implementation
WP300 Programming for the Web

Term 5 - Specialized Digital Video Production
DV300 Digital Video Genre Production
DP300 Digital Video Editing and Post-Production
DC300 Visual Effects & Compositing

Upper Division General Education Courses
ART201 Film Appreciation
BUS201 Principals of Marketing
BUS202 Principals of Marketing II
BPD201 Business Plan Development
COM201 Small Group Communication
ENG201 Creative Writing
ENV201 Environmental Science II
MAT201 Geometry
MUS201 Enjoyment of Music

Guess what?... I've got a fever... and the only prescription... is more cowbell.

hey mr.

Look i alwayz do research about those schools in USA and others so i can give u a will help you a lot choosing a school G.luck..and wich me luck too... :)