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Academy of Art University Is there anything bad that I should know

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Academy of Art University Is there anything bad that I should know

I'm looking to attend there next year and will be moving just about clear across the country and having to save a lot of money. Is there anything bad about the school that anyone knows about? Any info would be soooo much appreciated!

good !


I have seen and been to the academy of art University, and it has a really good program. It is just a few miles from my home...
The only minus I can think of is paying 44 thousand dollars for a two year MFA program. (not including living costs)
That is a lot of money. Think hard and think strong before investing that kind of money. I am told, that they do not offer financial scholarships. You are responsible for the cost, unless you are a US permanent resident or citizen.

Are you dead set on being an animator ? What are your goals ? Do you have any attainable horizons set ?

eg:- goals would be getting into Lucas arts or Pixar, set horizons include what kind of job you want to get after that. focus.

Having a degree is great, but getting proficient in the art of planning, storyboarding and creating is better than that. I think it would count more..
you can build yourself up from there.. In this profession your work quality and perception speaks volumes...

I would use the money to buy a corvette. :rolleyes:

GIVE ME COAL !! and I shall scrape you a cave drawing !!! :eek: