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Shake 101 Instruction offered in Los Angeles

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Shake 101 Instruction offered in Los Angeles

Hey all!

I'll be teaching a class at Studio Arts in Los Angeles starting next Saturday (the 24th of July), for beginning compositors/Shake artists. If interested, please read the ad below, and give the school's director, Eric Huelsman, a call. The Friday deadline is not set in stone, so hopefully I'll see you there! :)


Studio Arts is pleased to announce its newest Apple Shake 101 course. Apple Shake is the industry's leading compositing software, having been used in the last seven Academy Award winning visual effects films.

Our Shake 101 course is Apple certified and is being taught by Alan Precourt, a visual effects artist with an extensive background as a cameraman, digital compositor and lighter. A graduate of the UCLA School for Theater, Film & Television, Alan has worked on such productions as the "Day After Tomorrow" for Digital Domain, "Stuart Little 2" and "Harry Potter" for Sony Imageworks, and most recently "Garfield" and "Around the World in 80 Days" for Rhythm & Hues Studios. Alan is an active member of the Visual Effects Society, and brings with him a traditional "on-set" understanding of visual effects that contrasts with classes traditionally taught by artists with a purely digital background.

If you would like to become a certified Apple Shake artist, you can take advantage of our tremendous savings for this course. Simply RSVP to this email by no later than noon of Friday, July 16th, and you will pay only $1150 for the class (normally $1400,) receive the class materials AND be able to take the certification test at no additional charge. That's a savings of over $350. Compare that to other Shake classes in town that are NOT certified and cost over $1600!

For further information contact Eric Huelsman at 323.227.8776