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Academy Art and SCAD

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Academy Art and SCAD

i've been a Cartoonist, Illustrator, Painter and Writer for 12 years now. I live in india and when i first got out of college with a 5 year course and great portfolioin Illustration and Graphics, the Animation Industry in India did not exist.
I'm doing well as a painter here, but I keep regretting not having pursued animation back then. Also, I'd like to try and eventually migrate to either USA or Canada.
I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and learn 2D animation and put a Flash showreel together and try getting a job or go back to art school.
I've looked at several and am considering Academy of Art University in San Francisco and Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia.
Please comment on these schools.
Also, what are my chances of landing a job in the US or Canada as a Flash Animator with a good showreel but without an American degree?
Do write in. Thanks!

Go Scad!


Two years ago I also had the exact same choice between Academy Art and SCAD...I decided on SCAD! I am an animation major and couldnt be happier. On the school side the animation department is constantly getting stronger and stronger every day. We have some great faculty teaching the foundations including Larry Lauria and Phil Young, both former Disney animators. So if its animation ye seek I guarantee you will be getting your money worth. I know I am!

Landing a job with a good flash reel honestly I dont know. I personally would think companies would rather see stronger foundations such as traditional animation PROVING you understand the concepts and are able to go forward and apply them to your flash animation. One thing I learned from SCAD is if you know the rules you can break them. Its up to you to learn the principles of animation and show it with your work before anyone will even consider you. Thats just my opinion...overall I absolutley am crazy about where I get to study...I feel I have truly been pointed in the right direction.