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Starting with Animation

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Starting with Animation

Hey guys, well Im new on the forum, and well Im 16.
Since I was little I wanted to create, give life to PC games like Tomb Raider, I was interested with 3D Animation, and well now I have to start thinking what is it Im going to study.

And now I am very good with Flash, since I learned it by myself. And like it so much, but im interested in 3D. So what I want is to make movies like for example, Toy Story, Monsters Inc. You know like the Pixar movies. And well Im thinking on buying Maya, and well learn it by myself, as you see Im very into this.

I live In Puebla, Mexico. The best university here is "Universidad de las Americas (Udlap)" I dunno if anyone of you knows it, and well Im going to study there since I have a scholarship.

But I the closest thing to what I want is (Ingieneria en Sistemas Computacionales = Computer Systems) I think that is the traduccion, I dont know :p

But oh well, I hope some of you can tell me something, you see Im only 16, and well I want to start getting to know well the 3D Animation world. So any help... Thanks a lot... :D


I am also a stundent .My advice will be get a animation survival kit by Richard Williams and read slowly.and also get a learning version of your fav software and start doing simple animation like bouncing ball , flour sack and etc ...
there is a web site called spicy cricket animation and there you can find what kind of animation exercise you should do.
again get the Richard Williams
happy animating:)