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Tim Biskup

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Tim Biskup

Has anyone seen this great artist, Tim Biskup? His style reminds me of Mary Blair and Craig Mcracken. I really like the retro wackiness of it...he paints really small; I found a book of his teeny paintings at a local comic book shop. Thought you would want to take a look. (He even designs his own clothing with his art on it. Smart!)

He's also got sort of a Gary Baseman sort of thing going on too with those funky one-eyed things and his choice of composition and color.

Here's his clothing line, Gama-Go. Funky!

Tim was one of the founders of the Burning Brush group. Man, I miss those auctions.

Tim's one of my favorite artists. He and his wife (Seonna Hong) are very influenced by Mary Blair. I belive he's done some background work for the Time Squad series. He and Seonna have shows at Sixspace every once in awhile... They're definately worth seeing in person. (

Kirsten Ulve is another sweet artist... There seems to be a ton of em out there with this similiar style.

I'm sure you've all heard of Shag...

heres a good site to check out

also, my second favorite forum:

the first site has tons of links to explore as well!