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Books. Any recomendations to some great 3d animation books

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Books. Any recomendations to some great 3d animation books

:) I'm an avid reader and have been in 3d for the last year and want to go right to the top of the heap of some of the greatest animation books around today.

I'm looking at something that covers Traditional and computer books, not software specific. Basically by very tallented people in the field.

I've so far got, Maya character animation, which is great, and a few other 3d books which don't quiet do it for me.

There seems to be more books on animation out there than ppl doing animation it seems.

any ideas of any great animation allround books, guys?

Hi jenniferb, and welcome to the Forums.

"The Animator's Workbook" by Richard Williams is one of the best one's out there. Also if you can get your hands on a copy of "The Illusion of Life" book, thats a good one as well. There are a ton out there, but these two are my two favorites, along with a few more obscure ones.

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The "inspired" series of 3D books are good reads...


Animation Books

Definitely pick up a copy of the "Illusion of Life" - I highly recommend it. You might find it at a used book store like I did. :)

Richard Williams "The Animator's Survival Kit" is also excellent for building new understanding of animation principles and how to push boundaries for 2D and 3D animation.

And I think the Animated Ape meant "The Animator's Workbook" by Tony White, not R. Williams.

The Inspired 3D books are pretty decent. But I referenced the above much more often while I was in school the past year and a half, even though I focused on 3D modeling for my study track rather than animation and rigging.

Other books you might consider if you're building an animation library are:
- "CGI Filmmaking - the Creation of Ghost Warrior" a recent publication by Timothy Albee on how he created his 22 minute animation in 6 months.
- "Animation From Script to Screen" by Shamus Culhane, which is a really interesting perspective and history of 2D animation plus includes insights from the author who was an animator for both television and feature films. No, there's no 3D but it is still an interesting read.
- "Acting for Animators" by Ed Hooks
- "Cartoon Animation" by Preston Blair
- "The Human Figure in Motion" and "Animals in Motion" by E. Muybridge. Excellent photographic references for movement.
- "How to Get a Job in Computer Animation" by Ed Harris. Has some lovely anecdotes and interviews from professionals in the industry in addition to all of the other information about this as a career.
- Any of the Disney "Art of..." books. Beautiful artwork and a great way to see how the artists took the story and character concepts and brought them to life. Whether or not the feature animation was successful or not is probably quite a different story. :P

I have many animation books, both software specific and general animation in my personal library...from 2003 and back (haven't had the funds this year to do much book shopping...I'm very sad about that. ha! no, really.). So, if you are still looking for more suggestions, let me know! :D


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Good eye Tatiana. I actually ment both "The Animator's Survival Kit" and
"The Animator's Workbook", but my fingers don't move as fast and my brain, and I blended the two into one book. Sorry about that.

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