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Discussion of The Art Institutes versus The Academy of Art University

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Discussion of The Art Institutes versus The Academy of Art University

Hi Everyone-
After spending a 4 quarters at the Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumbug (branch campus of the one in Chicago), I left because I was not happy with the quality of education. I have a B.S. in Engineering from another school, so I have very very high expectations since I've "been there, done that" with the college experience.

Moreover, my parents were ecstacic because they felt that all the school cared about was getting money not education and I actually can see that argument: I can see the AI schools as degree mills, if you will. I would like to hear from other people who left any of the AI schools and have went somewhere else. I personally have my eye and heart on the Academy of Art University because A) location B) semester system with a better organized curriculm i.e. topics that are broken down into separate courses versus picking things up on the fly and C)better reputation, from what I have gathered. Any feedback on either school will be greatly appreciated.


I have some experience with the art institutes and I am attending the Academy of Art University through the online program currently. I'm going for a second degree myself, and I absolutely love the Academy of Art. The instructors are very helpful and I actually have learned some things. The Art Institutes were horrible, rushed and with very little real instruction. I was very dissatisfied with them. Every experience is different though. I really like The Academy of Art, though.


I've heard of some successes with the Art Institutes, but if there's an exception, it's not a rule, as they say.

However, I really believe the individual makes or breaks it. I've seen folks at the community college level with talent that wipes its rear with four-year privately accredited art schools. I think the school (which as I gather from here nobody's really gonna look at beyond "oh, now I know what he got taught") is just how easy or hard it's gonna be for you to make the best you possible out of your abilities in a formal environment.