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looking for collage or cut-out style animation links

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looking for collage or cut-out style animation links

Hi Folks!
I am keen to see any animations that use the cut-out technique or collage style in it's various forms. I have seen a lot of illustrations done this way
(examp: The very hungry catterpillar by Eric Carle and many of Lydia monks picture books) but it appears rare to find them as animations. If anyone has seen any on the web and could post the links up for us all to be able to view that would be very much appreciated.
THANKS, Lili in Australia.

Hope this might be helpful

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but it's really a beautiful piece of cut-out animation.

It was an old animation film called ' The Adventures of Prince Achmed' done by a woman called Lotte Reiniger. I 'm not sure if there's any information on her on the internet, but you could try looking it up at tapes in some library. It was done by her cutting out the silhouettes of the characters, and animated with a flat background of course. But her cutting skill is unbelievable...the whole thing is just beautiful, in my point of view.

Hope this is useful to you. :)

go to and type in Martha Colburn.
She's no Eric Carle and that's a good thing.


My fellow replymen have said well, so all I can add for the moment is for you to go look for the TV episodes of Monty Python's Flying Circus, featuring the short cut-out animation films of Terry "12 Monkeys" Gilliam.

I'm also making a video for a song called Terry Gilliam, all done in his animation style. Should be released next month. I can post some material here if you wish.

Gnoel, Anim pimp and Daniel a big thanks!

Thanks first for reading my post and for your thoughtful replies. I have read a few animation books and am aware of the significant works of Lotte Rieniger and Terry (Monty Python) Gilliam. I wasn't aware of Martha Colburn and I am always interested to learn about other collage artists and animators.

I have looked into Stephen Kroninger and many others that use parts of photos as the primary material in their illustrations and animations. I personally like David Hollenbach's style of illustration a lot and I am interested in doing something of this type in animation.

So this is one style of collage, the other style I am taken with and would love some more responses about, from my fellow animators, is the type of collage that uses hand made painted papers and fabric. I use Eric Carle as an example because he stands out as the most widely known illustrator using this method, and I want my animations to mostly appeal to children. I also love Matisse and other artists that use basic, simple but strong shapes to convey a message.

So can anyone add any further links or information regarding animators who's method uses simple cut-out collage techniques, like that found in childrens picture book illustrations?

Thanks again to anyone that reads this and especially to those that can help!
Cheers, Lili Cooper in Australia ;)

his style cannot be called simple but is very collage-like
and involves cut outamong many other techniques

Peter Wassink - Digital 2D Animator


Thanks for the link pwassink!

I played some of the chapters at the rostoad site to my animation teacher and he enjoyed it too. He would be happy for me to take steps in that direction with my own animations, as I came from a photography background initially.

I am hoping that I can get more results for Collage animation links that are similar to the illustrations you would see in kids picture books.

I am delighted with the replies I have had so far. I am also very appreciative but I was hoping I would get more responses, especially regarding the style mentioned above. Should this be seen as a lack of animators practicing this method?

Anyone have links to animators doing this style or any uniqe animation styles that are being showcased on the web, could you please post it here? ;)

Don't forget the Russian animation legend Yuri Norstein!