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Animation books...

Hello everyone, my name's David and I'm a graphic design student. Right now I'm beggining to study the principles of animation, some flash programming and I hope to specialize in that field, that's why I joined this forums...

Anyway, I wanted to know if anyone could tell me abut some good animation theory books. I have already read a lot of technical stuff like Preston Blair's, and I'm already familiar with the basic concepts; concepts which you can only explore by actually making animation and drawing. The thing is that I'm wondering if there are books that deal with some other aspects of animation. As in 'real' cinema there are books like Bazin's "What is cinema?", I want to know if there's a book, or a compilation of articles that rather than discussing "how to do" things in animation (or should I say the 'shape'), discuss esthetical and artistic themes (i.e. the 'content'). Thanks for whatever recommendations you want to help me with.


"The Illusion of Life - Disney Animation" by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnson

Hi David,

I also agree with the "Illusion of Life" recommendation. Every animator should read through this book.

Other books that may interest you are:

[b]Understanding Animation
[/b]by Paul Wells

[b]Art in Motion: Animation Aesthetics
[/b]by Maureen Furniss

[b]A Reader in Animation Studies
[/b]by Jayne Pilling, Jane Pilling, Society of Animation Studies

[b]Animation Unlimited: Innovative Short Films Since 1940
[/b]by Liz Faber, Helen Walters

[b]Animation 2D and Beyond
[/b]by Jayne Pilling

There are plenty of other books, but these should get you started. Hope this helps!


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Thanks a lot for your recommendations Negative Sheep and Sharvonique,for what I've seen,"illusion of Life" is an amazing book, I had no idea that such work existed, I'll buy it as soon as I can.

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