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Summer Updates

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Summer Updates


Just wanted to know what everyone is up to this summer- animation wise and otherwise.


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I've been doing some freelance Maya work for the first time ever! (Previously I used MAX and about 2 dozen other animation programs.) It's tons of fun. I enter and leave work every day with a huge grin on my face.

I might go on a vacation after this job is done. New Zealand is looking good, or maybe I'll drive up the New England coast and eat some shellfish.

I've just started making a mini feature which I plan to show via the web as a series of shorts.

The Brothers McLeod

Right now I'm animating vampires :D. Before that I was one of the characteranimators on the theatrical trailer for Everquest 2. After the vampires it looks like it's gonna be back to some more cartoony stuff.
And in the meantime I'm busy packing my stuff to move to a nice little place in Santa Monica next weekend.


I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy [i]-Tom Waits

i'm making children's books using maya. it won't be out until next spring so there'll be nothing to show for a while.

but i've been seeing a commercial i did on tv lately. that's always a kick.

i'm doing a series of two d animated commercial for early december.
Four total .. And finishing up another one for another account.

Hey Dave.

Is it just me, or does that trailer you posted the link for not work? It buffers about 10 times, and when it finally does play, there is not picture... Just sound. I was kind of looking forward to seeing that piece. Oh well.


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

I'm about to head off for my second day of interning at Vinton Studios. Yesterday I met Henry Selick, who now works as a director at Vinton. Selick was the guy responsible for James and the Giant Peach and also was the principle director on Nightmare Before Christmas.

The project the interns are doing is going to be an interesting mix of 3d and 2d elements, possibly with some stopmo assets. We're doing pre-production right now.

I'm also trying to write and develop assets for my own thesis during my off hours. Its going to be a busy summer.


Hey Ender..
how's it going for you at Vinton's??

just curious

OOPS! Forgot!

As for what is happening on my side... Infernal Creations, my company, has been placed on ice. More like "perma-frost". It is just too costly an investment to start a studio. You cannot just open your doors for business, and the clients start coming in and spending money. We had a couple deals in negotiation, but it would have taken over a year to get under way, due to financing on the clients' parts. We just do not have that kind of capital in which we can afford to be in business without any real moolah coming in.

So now, I am just waiting to hear from a very promising job opportunity. Had an hour long interview which went better than any interview I have ever had in my life, they called my references... Looking good. The job is an artistic director position for a company which I will not name just yet, as I have not locked the job down yet and signed contracts... Don't want you lot flooding them with resumes, knowing they are looking for an artistic director

Will post when I hear something more concrete (hopefully later today).


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

Hey wade!!
Good luck with your job stuff!!!
hope you get it.

If it means We won't see you on the board again.. s..t!

No, seriously..
good luck!

Thanks for asking, you can keep track of my progress at Vinton at

keeping kind of a journal.

Tis definitely going to be an animation summer for me...
I am currently in the final three months of my demo reel production working in Softimage XSI. Anyone who is vaguely interested, and check out models and such here.

Any other XSI users out there? I've seen quite a few Maya types floating around.

Hey Dave.

Is it just me, or does that trailer you posted the link for not work? It buffers about 10 times, and when it finally does play, there is not picture... Just sound. I was kind of looking forward to seeing that piece. Oh well.


Weird, it's your basic Windows Mediaplayer 9 -file. Maybe you haven't updated Mediaplayer in a while.
If the streaming's causing the problem, you can download the whole thing in .zip format here


I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy [i]-Tom Waits

Cool. It worked this time, after downloading the zip file. Looks good. It amazes me how far game animation has come since pac man and frogger.


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

Just started my Precollege computer animation workshop. Highschoolers come in and they get a four week taste of art school and computer animation. You can't do much in eight classes but they should be know by the end if they want to further their education in 3D or not.


Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota Florida

Well I have a full time steady job working as a video editor now, but my wife and I have had some long and interesting talks over the last few weeks and we decided that since we are moving to Sarasota next year we might as well go in May so that she can get established before she is a teacher there. This prompted another serious issue that we decided it would be best in the long run for me to apply to Ringling this coming up January (for Computer Animation) so that I can be accepted for the Fall 2005 Term. My plan was to work for a year in Sarasota to help save up, but the transistion and a new job search would be more detramental financially then just biting the bullet and diving in to student loans. I figure I can make more the first few years once I graduate then I could in one year before at some crappy job and I will be better equipped to pay off my loans. Plus my wife wants to have kids in a few years and I refuse to have any while I am in art school. So...

This summer (actually starting today) I have begun a dedicated self discipline to draw every day and improve dramatically before January. Once I get started I'll start posting a lot more. I have a good scanner now so that will help. So the journey begins. Maybe I'll make a thread to track my progress. Any critiques and feedback will be much appreciated. Especially from a certain Ringling teacher here on the forums :) ) Thanks goes nothing!

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that has been given to us." ---Gandalf

Bummer about your studio Wade. I was looking forward to seeing what you Cannucks would spawn. Good Luck with the Art Director Posistion. Let us know when you get it and then show us stuff you will work on (even the top secret stuff!;) )

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that has been given to us." ---Gandalf

I'm locking myself inside my house and plan to staple a pencil to my hand... ;)

Hopefully, by the time I come out for food and social interaction,
I'll have a decent enough portfolio to get into college in Fall 2005. :D

My Summer so Far...

Well here goes nothing...

By Saturday, I will have just delivered 10 new pieces of art paintings, drawings and cartoons to Gallery by the Sea on Tybee Island.

This Saturday, I do a Family Animation Workshop - 10 am - 4 pm at the Gallery.

One of my daughters will be married on July 10th

In July, I do three weeks in a Summer Session program at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Then I am off to Germany for 10 days to teach advanced animation skills...

I present at SIGGRAPH in early August

Mid August thru mid September - I am in Ireland for workshops and a festival.

whew.... a wonderful summer...

Mid September, I begin teaching at SCAD again.

This is to Larry


This is HannabarbaraGuy, and I had just recently met up w/ a former Disney animatior much like yourself. In fact, she has the same amount of years on her record as a Disney Animator as you do. So I was wondering if you knew her. Her name is Jane Bonnet and I was just wondering if you two knew each other. I could mention you to her if u do so happen to remember such a name.




No, I don't know Jane. I worked in Orlando as head of animation at the Disney Institute. We did films for non-profits and taught anyone who came into the door from pros to was an interesting gig.

The Institute is now Saratoga Springs - a Vacation Club destination.

The computer animation lab is now the guest laundry.

There you go....the future of animation!!!

I just wrapped up a 2 minute trailer for a children's series last night. Over the summer I plan on illustrating a friend's short children's book, redesigning my portfolio site, updating my demo reel and starting preproduction of my short film... no rest for the wacky!

good to hear what everyone's up to!

Wade K. Sorry to hear the news. I pray you get the art direction job. Sounds like a great opportunity...and just think NO headaches!..well maybe just less headaches. ;)

What am I up to this summer? Finishing an intro that we're doing for free in hopes of getting a contract (students, don't try this at home! ...unless you're doing it for free to build a good demo or company reel like i'm doing.)

Developing some pitching packets
and....finishing a short that I've been working on for about a year inbetween projects.

other than that, just chasing my youngins' (kids), hanging out with my wife, doing web/multimedia stuff for church and "studying" as many toons as I can!

oh and maybe squeeze in a little vacation!

good post oh masterful moderator!

Thanks guys for the sorrow about the studio not working out. No worries though... It may happen sometime in the future, who knows?

As for the Artistic Director job... Still no concrete news, but I DO have a second interview (I got a call today to go in on Monday). Not too sure what that means, good or bad (probably good, I would imagine), but they want to see the portfolio again. This whole process is new to me. I don't remember the last time I even had a job interview, and have NEVER had two at the same place... People usually just call me up and ask me if I want to do a board for them, or some sheet direction, or direct a series. It is all by word of mouth... Feels kind of funny... I certainly hope it all works out...

Will keep you posted as things "progress" (optimistically speaking of course).


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

"Summer lovin' had me a blast"

My summer is going to be busy spent cranking out more episodes of "Fosters" for Motionmilitia :) I'm working on some story ideas and designs for a couple of show bibles with my friend and partner in crime. I'm also STILL fleshing out a film project thats been a labor of love for me for a while. That's going slowly. :( I'm also finishing up, (this weekend hopefully) my part of a freelance gig I'm working on for a couple of Disney guys. Aside from that, hopefully working on getting a tan and getting rid of my "animator @$$" thats been getting bigger my the day. :D

Good luck to all and their summer projects.

The Ape

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hello all!

as for me, i've just finished on the shrek 2 dvd stuff, and am now starting on "Madagascar", our new film. It's a real animators' movie - lots of squashy stretchiness etc. i'm looking forward to seeing how the visual style goes down too. i think it's going to be a bit special really...


(good luck with the job, mr wade)

I shouldn't be answering to this thread, because I live in the south hemisphere, so we're entering winter right now... ;)

What I'm up to... let's see...

- Have a short film amongst the 20 finalists for Anima Mundi Web

- Working on an animated video clip for an american ska producer/musician, all done in traditional 2d with pencils and watercolor. No clean up, no vector, only pencil :)

- Working on development of about one dozen shorts

- Trying really hard to get a scholarship at my master's (if I don't get it I'll probably quit)

- Finishing songs and videos for my electronic rock band Atari Force. We just finished our first video, "Hiroshima", and the music is almost ready. The promo CD will be released soon. We have a gig coming up on Brazil's largest serious electronic music festival, and another one on November 28th, in Rio de Janeiro. Our next video release will be "Terry Gilliam" and all you Monty Python fans out there know exactly what the video clip will look like... :D

- Been asked to give a simple course on 3dMAX to teach architects how to make their AutoCAD 3d models look nifty and animate cameras through it.

That's pretty much it.

Still alive!!!

We just finished another :30 Flash TV broadcast commercial, and working with a design firm on some web animations for an athletic shoe stuff, really! Will let you know when it goes live (August-ish)!

Pitching advertising concepts with a motion design bites yet!

Between gigs, I Art Direct and do freelance production.

Also, my Writer-buddy and I are working on creating a childrens book from scratch. Great story!

Last, but not least, I'm trying to build a fence in the backyard. Yikes, handy I'm not!

Wade, 2nd interview with the portfolio? I'd say you're in, Holmes!!! ;)


Splatman :D

Well, I just graduated from University (Digital Animation)- Looking for employment, got an interview in 2 weeks at some really huge games studio in UK as animator, im really nervous about it!!

I wish you luck rodikaya! I kinda had this idea that when I graduated employers would be asking me to work for them... ha ha. Aaaah to be young and niave.
I just put in an application with the fbi today. No, they don't seem to need animators. I applied as a file clerk. My job day job right now isn't going well. I got a talking to about using bad words in the breakroom. To which i replied what the F***! Not a smart move.

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