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'printing gaphics+animation' GradSchools in USA?

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'printing gaphics+animation' GradSchools in USA?

My Brother wants to do his MS in 'printing engineering/animation'. I have been struggling to find gradschools/universities in usa to help him. (he has finished is BE in printing Engg and Graphics technology)
Could someone be kind enough to provide me small list of such colleges in usa?

Printing Graphics and Animation in the US

The Rochester Institute of Technology has the best School of Print Media. Several graduate programs offer animation depending on the type of animation that is of interest. Some of the animation options are interactive animation, narrative animation, abstract animation, visualization, game design. If you provide a clearer idea of the kind of animation you are interested in, I can provide additional information.

- Marla :)

Printing Graphics and Animation in the US

Although not very clear, He'd like be interested in visualization/ interactive animation. Speciically for RIT, I'd like to know approx min GRE/TOEFL of student admitted for Print Media (For this Q I have approached school also.
If you are related to RIT, I have a few more questions for you please)

Aren't there any more graduate (MS) schools in USA for this course?


Yes, I'm at RIT. I don't know of other schools that are strong in printing, but that doesn't mean they don't exist. I know RIT has the reputation of being the best in that area. We have many printers and printing presses on campus including high end digital printers, that can print a single copy of a book. Additionally, we have an amazing collection of old manuscripts in the Cary Library and the Image Permanence Institute, which does research on preservation of film and print media, is at RIT.

There are other schools that teach animation, but if you want the print side as well, I think RIT is the right place for you. According to the interests you have listed, you should be in either the Computer Graphics Design program (an MFA) or Print Media (an MS).

You can find the graduate bulletin for the School of Design at .

If you have additional question why don't you send them to me directly at

- Marla