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Living Toons

Hi folks.
I´d like to invite everyone to visit my web site. There you can find my portfolio, some flash work and free stuff, such as wallpapers and icons designed by our crew.
We would enjoy your comments

Fred's picture

looks cool... but i'd advise you guys to not open the flash movie in a new window...

this is year 2004 almost everybody got a pop-up blocker.. so i was clicking on the link and i realized it won't open cause i'm blocking all new window pop-ups.. :cool:

but i got to see it later.. but just a suggestion.. lets try to keep everything in one window.. cause once you go to that movie page.. there is no need for that welcome window.. so why leave it in the back? :rolleyes:

neways.. good work :D

Please join my new websites :D

Pop ups

well, there is one thing I didn´t realized. Thanks for the tip, I´ll think about it.