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Macromedia Flash MX

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Macromedia Flash MX

For my first two movies i used swishmax...... but my trial ran out so now i wanna try Flash MX...... i am downloading it off Kazzaa now because on the macromedia flash webite u cant pause downloads..... if anyone has this or any of the versions of flash can you please just give me a brief explanation on what exactly is flash and what u can do with it...... thanks a lot.

-gabe m, Ontario, CANADA

Oh boy... Don't mention Kazaa in here... There are people who will harp on that for months, telling you how wrong (illiegal) it is...

"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

Start here

try perusing
it should keep you busy for days and if not check out the links page, there are a ton of sites that will help you understand/learn flash better than anybody can explain in a quick paragraph or two.Good luck gabe!

Whoa Gabe. Aside from being able to tell you that it's a vector-based animation software. It's a very versatile tool, and it's now very widely used, there isn't enough space on this forum to answer that question.
If you're familiar with the process of animation, you'll pick up on it pretty fast, but the annoying part of the learning curve are the "little" doohickeys that seem to get in your way, and keep you from progressing, when infact, you just forgot to press a little button. But that's all a matter of a few weeks of studying and getting comfortable with the software.

BUT, you can import hand-drawn images and vectorize and colour them (although a heavier way of doing it), you can draw straight in flash with the pen tool, you can colour and add gradients to your work (although gradients can get heavy), you can use flash tools to do simple tweening tasks and save you alot of work, or do it straight frame by frame if that's what you preffer. You can add, and do simple editing tasks to your sound files, sound effects etc.., and most any other element needed to put an animated film together. It's good for traditional animation (to a limited degree), and for more web-based animation. You can also learn to program your flash films to be interactive with the viewer, although my knowledge of that's very limited.

A good place to start, is going to the bookstore and picking up a copy of "flash MX for dummies". It's very straight forward, and it gives most of what you need to know to get going with your film. The learning curve ain't so bad, so you'll most likely be able to get working with it pretty quickly. If you're really dedicated, you can pick it up amateurly in a matter of days. Extra techniques and tricks come with time and experience.


and on that note...

Hey this is really for everyone here.I dont know if you guys have these stores in your area, but now I dont spend over 5 bucks for any of my computer books EVER!I know the locations are mostly Texas but they may have affiliates Im not aware of?I just drop by when Im "in town".
I think they do mail order also so, if you need something they have this is a fabulous resource for young artists, computer programmers and the like.Cheers,

Oh boy... Don't mention Kazaa in here... There are people who will harp on that for months, telling you how wrong (illiegal) it is...

lol.. :D

i'm still surprized ppls still use kazaa... they put so many adware in your computer it's not even funny.. all the browser hijacker crap.. ppls are thinking just a few pop ups.. but it's more then that... they are making money..big time.. and it's not just from pop-ups

Please join my new websites :D

i use flash to do a lot of different type of stuff.. but , as an animatorm, i love just playing aroudn and doing hand drawn animations with it

i could send some links to you if you want

yes please do

ok.. i'm starting to build my site, so, the rest is not yet there..
but ..
for the moment you can see some animations here

and the site will be at

you can already take a look at it

there you go

Pascal, that senior film is fantastic!!!!!!!

WOW! you are great! what pure animation! its lovely! it goes on and on!

it explodes with love of movement and action and acting!
love of animation.
you made my day

boy this is so inspiring i almost forgot that this is what i want to (be able to) do... this is why i love 2D.

thank you for sharing this.

Peter Wassink - Digital 2D Animator



i'm in the process of putting more up..
when i get a chance


Yes more!

by the way...Mirage is definately for you.
since you obviously have no need for vectors
and the flash vectors only take away from your spontinaity(or how you spell that)

Peter Wassink - Digital 2D Animator

Your work is very nice, Pascal.
There is lots of character, great form, good design, all wrapped in stupendous animation.

thanks guys!!
thanks a lot

i was talking to the bauhuas guys..and they sent us an evaluation copy of mirage
i'm really excited about it but haven't had the time yet to play around with it for i have so much work right now..
But , yeah, that seems to be the way to go now!!!


Great stuff, Pascal. Admittedly, I am still a little dizzy from the "senior" film. It almost never stops moving! Hehehehe. You have obviously got a great deal of patience to animate stuff like that with a tablet. I know I would not have the patience for it. God bless animation levels!

Loved the way your text moved in the jazz tune (catnip, I think it was called?).



"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon