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New Silhouette Animation

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New Silhouette Animation

Hello ~ I recently completed a stop-motion silhouette animation of a jamaican anansi story --
I'm thinking about doing a series of these and I'd love to hear any critiques/ suggestions if anybody has a few minutes... thanks in advance.

My thumbs are up

Really beautiful. Superb style and colouring and the pacing was great.

In a day and age where CGI rules the roost seeing something with a real sense of style is refreshing.

The Brothers McLeod

What fun!
I agree grega. Nice pacing and art direction. you've created charming characters. limited and stylized, using the bare necessities. great work!

Hi there. Nice work on the short :)

Is an anansi like a Jamacian moral story? Like.... Aesop's Fable kinda stuff. If so, could you fill me in on the moral of the story? Not that it matters, I'm just more curious than anything. :)

Thanks all for your comments!

Regarding dakar's question: "Is an anansi like a Jamacian moral story? Like.... Aesop's Fable kinda stuff" -- some background:
Anansi is a spider, a central folktale character originating out of Ghana. His stories made their way to the Caribbean during the slave trade and his character transformed to adapt to the storytellers' situation. The Caribbean Anansi stories can be said to be symbolic of the slaves' strategies for survival and were also a source of entertainment and laughter in the face of adversity.

Ah I understand. Thanks so much for enlightening me. It's great that you are picking this up and running with it in a digital format. You are essentially preserving a piece of history. Good luck with your project and keep us informed of any new ones! :D

Regards, dakar