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3D Studio Max Users - What Version?

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3D Studio Max Users - What Version?

Hi. As the title says... what version are you all using? I'm using 4.3 at the moment and I know it's up to 6... am I way behind, or isn't there much difference?

I am not sure, mate. I have friends who have played with 6, and they RAVE about it and its new features. I wish I could really inform you of them, but alas, I cannot, as I am still pretty much a numbskull with it. Version 6 DOES however have better looking bipeds to work with. They actually look like skeletons moreso than the older versions (I am working with 4.2), and you can choose a basic man, basic woman, or skeleton (this is all within character studio, obviously, but only functional on Max 6).I am anxious to give it a go.

You know what I would really like? I would LOVE it if Maya made something like Character Studio as well. It would make life so much easier. There was talk about that being done for Maya 6, but i went to the release party of Maya 6 where they discussed the new feaqtures, and NADA... Only improvements on the hair animation (and other small areas).

My fingers are crossed for it i the next release, but unless they release it, I am happy with Maya 5, and will not purchase another version.

Cheers. Sorry for talking about Maya in a Max thread. The thought of character studio just got me wishing...

"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

Hey just out of curiosity, if you've dabbled with Max a bit... is Maya any less ~mind numbingly-smack your head on the desk-run outside and scream~ frustrating to learn than Max?

NO! Max is much easier to learn than Maya! Maya is good for some things (better than max... the graph editor is always good, but a bit frustrating at times), but from an animator's standpoint, Max is very much easier to control.


"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

I think the general consensus with most programs is to go with the latest version because it will likely be a little easier and faster to do whatever you were doing in previous versions. That said, I'm still using version 6 of Photoshop, and I'm still using Notepad to edit my websites. :p

I haven't worked in Max since version 3.5, but a guy at work loves this Max plug-in called V-Ray, which is a super-fast radiosity-style renderer.

Asking if Maya is easier than Max is a little like asking if a motorcycle is easier to ride than a bicycle.
I usually hear that Max is fine as long as your modeling and animation work is relatively simple.
Max is great for architecture (it grew from Autocad) and some video game work. Maya is better for CGI integration into live action movies.

Check the Max forums at Highend3d and CGtalk.

Thanks guys. I thought it would be a good idea for me to get a feel for what people thought on this issue. I'm at that turning point: do I continue with Max, or start over with Maya? I feel a bit relieved actually to hear that Max might be the one to go with to learn on. (I do realise there are many packages out there and it will depend on the employer as to what they use... some have their own etc etc)

The good news, which others in my boat might find interesting, is I had the chance to have a look at Max 5. Harvey, you were right. (sometimes I've found upgrades can make things worse!) Already, I've found the tutorials much easier to follow and a few new changes within the program are nice too. There is hope for me yet!!

3D Max studio 4.3

HI! I new here ! i been looking high n low for 3D Max studio 4.3 n yet to have it. Maybe is becos it an too OLd version that y it hard to get! Any kind soul would lent it to me if you have it? thAnks!

I learned Max on version 5.1 and I'm still using it, but yesterday I needed a hair plugin and the one I found only worked on Max 6, so I'm using it on a friend's computer. I'm too lazy to install that mammoth on my poor oversaturated hard drive.

But, as I always say, the best version and the best software are always the ones you can put your hands on and can work well with...