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Animation Movie Production

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Animation Movie Production

hey all,
My company is planing to take up a complete film production (animation - 100minute)

basically we are producing it and a us company is marketing it.

what could be possible reasons for failure ?

just thought to ask.


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what could be possible reasons for failure ?

I'll start...

[*]Bad story
[*]Characters with no appeal
[*]Low production quality
[*]From a company stand point putting all your eggs in one basket and it fails ala Final Fantasy and Square Soft

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-Too many chefs
-noncreatives not giving room to creatives
-creatives getting caught up in technical aspects only
-not being true to ones vision
-allowing marketing and trends to wag the dog.

P.S- "successful" to me doesn't always mean big box office and failure deosn't always mean a "bomb".

Make cute characters with nive toys and you'll be fine. It worked for the Powerpuff Girls... ;)

I strongly recommend this article:

Specially where Brad Bird talks about why he decided to work at Pixar. I think it's very important in a full-feature movie that ONE person answer for the whole concept.

Tick Tock Time

Appliedgravity, that's a daring venture. I agree with all the previous comments. (Daniel, thanks for the link to the great article) From a very, very dark experience some years back I'd also say time can be a difficult factor to pin down. Don't be too optimistic about how quickly you can work because whatever you plan, you can always use more time. This leads to bloating budgets or starving animators, neither of which are good.

I have to say this because 100 minutes seems like a lot. I think most of the major animated movies of late have been between 65-85 minutes. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck and hope to see the result.

Animation Movie Production

I think
some points are to make success move,
1. good story
2. way of present the story
3. good production (3d or 2d animation or live action film)


You can have the most beautiful animation in the world with the best story ever written...

But if your voice acting sucks, you're outta luck.

Same goes for your sound track and sound effects.

In other words, the big picture has to balance, and all elements need to compliment one another.

Good luck!


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thank you

hello all,

thank you for the awsome comments.

i reallly appreciate it.

AG Team

Hey Satya,

I just noticed you are from Hyderabad. Do I know you possibly? I know Satya is not an uncommon name in Andar Pradesh, but I thought I would give it a try. I was living in Hyderabad last year, working for Dataquest. Yes, I was the Canadian white guy, directing the Hosehounds animation (I say that because white folk were somewhat of a rarity in Hyderabad, and when there was one working in animation, all the animation studios would come to know about it).

Anyways, just curious.

To answer your question, you want a story that will be marketable throughout the world, and not just the country you live in, in order to be a success. When I was living in Cochin, I had a disagreememnt with the studio owners, as they wanted to produce a series based on a Malayalam comic strip (and a poor one, I might add). There was no way that they/I could sell it internationally, and thus, we would never make the production costs back. You need to think of the same thing.



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thanx wade

hey wade,

thanx for the comments. i am from WDI and have lived here for very short time. This is my new venture with front end office in NZ.

Thanx for the inputs and the comments.

keep in touch


What do you think would be the production cost of the complete movie from script to screen. ?( if every thing is done in hyderabad ) and how much money is needed to marketing and wide release in USA as well as world wide ?

* BECAUSE POOR Budgeting/Scheduling/Financing would be a potential reason for FAILURE.

Any thoughts on this ?................. line ???

> Zaki < :)
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animation production in hyderabad

hey zak,

The script, marketing, distribution is done in US and by our company but along with some of the big names. But the complete execution is being done here except for voice overs and music scores. So that reduces most of the prod. cost. Our budget shows more for voice overs as there are some big names involved. and when compared to this the animation prod. cost is comparitively reduced.


what is your average budget (producton only in india)
if you follow good production & animation process will reduce your production cost, what I am saying some indian studios there is no good process

yes prem,

i agree with you...that is we are spending 4 months in previs/planning/and preparing for the animation.
i would like to know what Mr.Zaki feels regarding india.


one definite reason for failure is not having clear-cut definitions of responsibilites and the structures of communication between them.

i.e. the producer, the director, art-director, animation direction, technical director, production director, etc. all need to know who is responsible for what and then be held accountable for such within the timeline alotted for the project.

The communication is preparation and coherence to hand-off standards (i.e. what does the next guy down the road need from me and in what manner), and the sign-off pipeline (how do I get the official okay from x). I assume you will be using a software solution that documents when which responsible person has viewed a work progress and either signed-off or handed into revision with comments. If not, do.
There are some very nifty tools on the market in the meantime that assist all of these landmark progressions.

Will the art team (director, anim d., art d., etc.) be in India, too?