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3d and computer graphics animation productions studios/groups ...

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3d and computer graphics animation productions studios/groups ...

Good evening,

We are looking for firms or groups of individuals in asia/pacific or eastern europe with expertise in 3d or non-3d computer graphics and short as well as full length animations/movies. Expertise in non-pure-computer graphics (computer effects enhanced films) and in production of the same is also desired.
I'll greatly appreciate any information that anyone can provide in this regards.

One can write to me at

Best wishes,

hi anu,

i m an independent 3d animator frm india and would be interested
in knowing what exactly u r looking for.
if u can send ur req. ican feedback u accordingly.

lookin forward for ur reply


Yes, We offer quality & timely animated output


we are offering the services listed in your posting.

We are two year old animation studio in the sublime coastal location of Chennai, a south Indian city.

Please contact for your requirements to

NRM Digital Media Private Limited