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14 year old Gabe's first animated flick. ...

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14 year old Gabe's first animated flick. ...

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have a new up and coming animator, who'se given us all a look at where animation starts. It's a feast for the eyes of children, and has given us all the wonderful opportunity to offer whatever helpful advice we can.

We have alot of talented animators here that will be able to offer the best possible tips and tricks of the trade, so here's your opportunity to all come together, and help build what might one day, be an inspiration to us all.

Check out his flick

Remember to COPY AND PASTE THE LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER...don't click on it.

**Remember...only helpful advice on this thread my friends...this is an opportunity to help, not discourage**

Hey Gabe,

I actually just thought of something that I smack myself for not suggesting earlier. Have you checked out 's "Career Coach" section? It's a well of fantastic advice, covering everything in animation from drawing and animating techniques, how to find jobs, how to approach job interviews, salaries, trends, you name it.

Just go to and in the search box, type "Career Coach". You'll find yourself sitting in front of an all-you-can-eat buffet of advice on animation..

Check it out Gabe,


You might want to head over to and check out their download section. They have a large collection of animation notes in pdf file format you can download and read. Also, under AWN's Educator's Forum, You can find a link to Steve Ressel's animation primer book online.
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People sure do love Gabe.

Gabe needs his own forum at this point: Animation Cafe, Animator's Desktop, Animatin' Gabe, ...