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Lion Animation

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Lion Animation

I'm trying, please don't be too harsh lol, but what do you think??? :)

Looks good Glass. I did see a few problems. The main problems are with the lion's head. In the front 3/4 view it looks like a lion cubs head on an adults body. Cubs and juveniles ususally don't have the larg of a mane around their necks. Also his head looks too high. Then when the lion turns his head to the side, it looses volume.

I'd also like to see the tail doing something in the back, like a real subtle swishing movement.

Also it's always weird to see lipsynced animation without the dialouge, but thats just me.

Keep up the good work.

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Not bad:)

I agree with Apes crit. Something in the volume is lost when this lion turns the head. But you made a nice transition of expression and that's something not everyone can do right.

I even like the lipsynch. I don't know what this kitty is saying, but it sure looks like "WHERE's MY SIX PACK?"

Even if it isn't, I'd like to think it is. Nothing funnier than the king of the jungle wanting to get soused.

Definitely a good effort. I myself have some of the same problems with this kind of thing (volumes) and it's a hard habit to break out of but you're definitely on the right track with this lion. You got the hard part of acting out of the way. Now just keep it together! Really good test. Keep up the good work:)



Atomcloud Animation

thanks for the replies and the advice, i knew something was off about his head when it turned. thanks again!!

His head floats upwards as he speaks. By the way what is he saying?

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good job i also agree with the ape. another thing the front left foot looks odd. by the way what program are you using?

Flipbook Lite

remember to animate rough and loose to make sure that you're getting the action down. also remember to check your masses (of the character). Once the rough animation is done, then go back and clean it all up.

Happy animating!

a little tail

moving the tail might help break it up a bit?