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animating 360

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animating 360

how would i go about animating as if the spectator was turning around in a circle? i haven't tried it but i thought i'd ask

Well, you can try doing a simple rotation of the character, but rotate the background. That would give the impression that the view point was rotating around the character.

A good reference for that might be Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". The ballroom scene. In this case, the camera movement is unreal, but you can get an idea at the ending part of that camera movement, when it's rotating around the characters. Watch what happens to the background. (Remember it's a 3D background).


I guess doing it in 3d is already covered :) so I'll recommend two other techniques.

1. Lost Marble's MoHo has 3d layer capacities, so you can have 2d vector drawings and rotate the layers and the camera to achieve a 3d look. It looks more like a lot of pieces of paper standing up, like that movie "Flat World"

2. You can draw a 2d background and animate it in a loop, but you'd have to create a seamless design for it. You can use Photoshop or Painter to create it and then simply slide it along.

Hope that helped!

i guess ill just experiment. i think that if i try to do it on it will take some tinkering but ill try. thanks

ok, if i did it like poeira say i can make the two ends meet but it still would look like the camera was going sideways right? unless i drew it on the inside of a sphere. which is impossible. i'll think about any other ideas but these are the two i have.

1 i could put it as an image on a big circular wall in a 3d program and rotate the camera from the middle or

2. i got this idea by looking at the panoramas for quick time.

if i run my background with seamless ends through this hourglass shape it should give it depth and roundness i want. i think.:confused: , but here comes another problem how do i stretch and squish the background through th hourglass thing.


Hey Brad, what are you animating this with? Traditional, 3D, Flash, etc.?
So there are no characters right, just a background? And that hourglass thing wont work.

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

traditional. why wont it work? that's how the panoramas on quicktime go. and thats what im trying to achieve. has anyone animated this before? i need help.

you can also find a good 360 in the movie:
"Spirit: stallion of the cimarron" by dreamworks.

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yah, but they use 3d for that.

Hey Brad,

I'm sorry, It will work, but not the way that I was thinking you would want it. I was thinking of a guy standing in the middle of a square room and turning around 360 degrees. The way that you, and quicktime has it set up the room will look more rectangular instead of a square.

The best,and easiest way to do this is to create a long pan of your background, straight with no perspective, and just make sure your starting and ending point look exactly the same. Then you just pan the background in front of the camera. Some one can correct me if I'm wrong.

If you could give us more info about what your background will be, we might be able to help you out more.

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."