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Using Styluses

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Using Styluses

Do most of you use a stylus to draw? Are they compatible with Flash? What type would you recommend?

i have always used an A6 wacom

A6 because then you only have to move your hand a little bit to achieve full screen coverage
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Yup, Wacom!

I personaly prefer the 6x8 (Saaaaay, is that A6 size!?!). To me it is a little more relative to actual size when drawing in Flash.

I did use the littlest Wacom with a laptop when in a pinch!


I usually only use my Wacom for painting (textures) so I can lay down a dozen strokes in just a few seconds. If I were a 2D animator, I might use it more often.

I like the small tablets since you just have to move your fingers a little to draw. With the larger tablets, you have to move your hand and arm, which takes longer and can be tiring if you need to lay down a few thousand strokes. So I'd go with a 4x5, or, if you decide on a larger tablet, you can always constrain the tablet's drawing area to a smaller size. My tablet's drawing area is about 2x3". Another advantage of small tablets is that they are light enough to hold in your hand: tablet in one hand, stylus in the other.

I also use the 6x8 wacom, both at work and at home. Both are the Intous 2 tablets, and yes they are compatible with Flash. I almost use the Wacom for everything now, including browsing the web. They are great if you suffer from carpeltunnel syndrom too because you don't have your hand angled back like you do with a mouse.

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live by my 6x8! i am using it right now...oh, and again...uh, there i go i again....and now to click submit.. (o:

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I am strictly mouse at this point. Tried the tablets and stylus, but they just didn't work for me.

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A couple of thing to think about

[size=3]I've been using tablets longer than I can remember, of course I started in the CAD business where Tablets have been a neccessary item for years. I would say to you if your thinking about moving to a tablet from just a mouse, you probably want to look at a couple of things, First what types of work are you going to do, 3D or 2D mostly photshop or other apps as well. Then next how do you like to work, Do you sit at your desk most of the time or are you like me and like to be the road warrior type. I do alot of demo's and need to travel, Let me tell you trying to cram my 6X8 into a backpack isn't easy. So I have two tablets a 6X8 at home Intuos -WACOM and I have a 4X5 Intuos for the road its amazing how much space you save. The only other thing I would say is if your just starting out you might also want to purchase a graphire from WACOM its a little less expensive but still will give you a great idea of what it is like to use a tablet. Good luck with your purchase and switching over. :cool:[/size ]

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I have a Wacom graphire 2. It is miles better than a mouse BUT i am not 100% comfortable with it. I need to be able to turn the tablet like a disc and have the screen do likewise. They have those new screens you draw directly onto the screen but they should make that a disc too. I'd be all set.

My brother, an illustrator among other things, is great with the stylus and gets a great thick and thin, and quickly too. It probably boils down to that I don't use it enough.

Thanks guys. It sounds like you all like the Wacoms. When you were deciding which ones to buy, did any of you look at Acecad- more specifically the Acecat Flair? They seem to be a lot cheaper than the Wacoms, but I'm not sure if I'm comparing apples with apples.

As far as I know, Wacom is quite different from other brands. That wireless pen they have is patented and I've never seen anything quite like it. I've used other brands around, but I'm sad to admit that Wacom is still very superior - and so is its price!

But if you want to try another brands, go ahead, just remember it won't be the exact same thing.

Wacom:clearly the way to go

at this point in history, Wacom is clearly the tool to use. I had a friend who got another brand of tablet, and said it was bugging out with all of his software, that it didn't draw a contiuous line, as if he didn't have enough RAM on his machine, except that he does in fact have plenty of RAM. He took the tablet back. I don't know what kind it was, but I have the 6 x 8 Wacom ("midnight blue" or whatever color it is like that matters lol) and it's great. use it for everthing, as others here have stated- from browsing my local drives to browsing the web to (predominantly) drawing in Flash, Toonboom, Photoshop, ect.
The mouse is such a stupid and primitive device that i can't imagine why anyone would want to use one, unless you're 3-d. But increasingly, that stupid device is being replaced by superior 3-d interface controls as well. HA!! Have you seen those devices with the ball sunk into them? you rotate the ball around and it represents your 3-d object on your monitor.
-but I'm strictly 2-d, and tablets are it.


I bought my wacom refurbished, and it works beautifully. It saves you a bit of money and it still has a warranty. Mine has had no problems what so ever. And listen to these guys. I bought mine while I was in art class mode and the teacher had us all drawing from the shoulder (which is good) so I bought large tablet, but it's much more than I need.

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