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Looking for help for 3D animated film project

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Looking for help for 3D animated film project

I am developing a full length 3D animated movie.

I am trying to put together a team to help with the completion of this project.

At this point I am trying to put together a 15 min pilot.
With future plans to develop it into a feature animated film.
The final product will be intended to be sold on DVD/VHS.

I am looking for people with the following skills.

Concept artist
Story board artists
3D modeling/animation
Story Writers

The movie is a SCI-FI action adventure.
Here is a link to the temp web site just so people can see the basic concept.

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.


If serious we can help...

We would like to introduce ourselves as ELECOM ANIMATION STUDIO today which is
One of the leading Creative Studios in India, equipped with latest workstations, and high-end PCs empowered by the expertise in software Such as MAYA, 3DS Max, US Animation, ANIMO, Macromedia Flash, Adobe and other web authoring and programming software.

· Spread over 3,000 sq. ft., housing leading-edge software and
hardware for developing 2D/3D animation, high end SFX and graphics and
computer gaming.

· A rich pool filled with talent comprising of artists, writers,
technicians, software professionals and industry stalwarts in related
business areas such as 2D/3D animation production, interactive
software,games, SFX and graphic solutions, print syndication and

· A complete set-up of manpower and infrastructure to develop and
syndicate content for diverse media be they films, TV, print or the web.

We are confident that we can produce animation of the required quality– and at a competitive price – and we look forward to working with you.

If Intreted please mail me at



Animation Experience???

RE: If serious we can help...

Have you actually done any animation work yet?

Do you have any 'experienced animators"? (Technicians are hardly enough) You need real artists with 'EXPERIENCE'

All that hardware and software is of little use if you don't have talent that can use it. Your website shows that you are a software developer (I don't question your credential there) but that is many miles away from being a credible animation studio.

People on this forum would take you more seriously if you could show them that you are not just another rich Indian entrepreneur who has tons of cash to spend on fancy equipment and 'Tech-heads'. You need real talent for animation production. Talent with EXPERIENCE!

Or, to put it another way;

"The best Hi-Tech plane is useless if you don't have a competent pilot to fly it" If you expect clients to buy tickets on your 'airline' you better put their mind at ease that you will get them to their destination safely

Best of luck with your venture. :)

hello omar

we really liked the concept u are working on....n we r sure it will come out very good...........we are a team of proffessional 2d,3d animators...n would love to work vd u in this do let us know if u are interested......for any further query please feel free to mail us at

lookin forward to work vd u....



:D I am a very skilled storyboard artist and can put together storyreels.
I am also a semi-skilled animator and use Poser and Blender.

You can contact me at