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Dreamworks' 'Sharktale'

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Dreamworks' 'Sharktale'

Sorry....but Dreamworks' upcoming 'Shark Tale' movie looks awful...especially since it follows the coattails of 'Finding Nemo'. The characters are just caricatures of the actors who portray them, too....what's next, a superhero movie five months after Pixar's 'The Incredibles'?!?

I don't necessarily buy the Nemo-rip-off theory. Just because both movies have talking fish in them? There were many talking fish movies before Nemo, but I don't necessarily consider Nemo to be a rip-off of Little Mermaid or Spongebob any more than I consider Incredibles to be a rip-off of all the superhero movies that preceded it. The important thing is whether the film is entertaining or not. Nemo bored me. Hopefully Shark Tale will be better.

I thought the Sharktale trailer looked pretty good. I didn't like the stills I had seen previously but I was really suprised by the trailer. I thought it had some great color design in it, and some good character acting. It looks fun to me. It doesn't feel like a Nemo rip off. It reminds me more of "The Incredible Mr. Limpett". I think this will suprise people and exceed their expectations. Maybe even be as good as The Incredibles, whose characters appeared kind of stiff to me.

Of course this seems to be the opposite of everyone else's opinion I've been reading out there, so what do I know.


Yeah, I haven't been very impressed by the Incredibles teasers, except for the Jackson and Vowell characters. Besides the Toy Story movies, Pixar has been putting me to sleep. Dreamworks has been taking a slightly edgier route, with more interesting stories and better characterizations.

Sopranos rip maybe?

Id buy a sopranos rip off before nemo?But, i reserve judgement until i see more..I thought talking dinosaurs (when i first heard of the idea)would be too much but actually enjoyed that one somewhat!?Sometimes i think the target audience is more what determines a "successful" venture in things like this.Who here likes Barney? But i'd certainly deem that little franchise as a success (at driving us parents crazy!!!)my two pesos..

Harvey- I liked the Toy Story movies as well. I also liked Bug's Life a lot, which seems to be the forgotten Pixar film. Although I found Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo entertaining, I didn't think they were as strong as their first 3 films.


It certainly did look better than I expected. This has as much in common with Nemo as the Flintstones has with Quest For Fire. But the fact it has fish has set itself up for comparison to a very a strong movie established in people's minds.

Now this one I'd ask with all its human world counterparts, is there a need for the story to be told with fish? It looks like it could be a live action mobster comedy (like Analyze This).

where is the trailer?

its nice looking though

i also think home on the range looks what do i know

i have doubts about the premise for cars though
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