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Animation industry goes in cycles

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Animation industry goes in cycles

A great article from the AWN website here. (Even Roy E. Disney put this aticle on his Save Disney website). The article reminds us that even during the Golden Age of animation, there were huge layoffs. I think that even with Disney's conversion to 3D, the industry will bounce back in time...we just have to be patient.

Hey Cyber,

I had a chance to read the article as well. It really hit on exactly what I'm going through personally, and what I'm sure many other animators are as well.

I've dedicated my life to Classical Animation and have been in a rut at how difficult it is to find work, not to mention the many problems that come from working in little short bursts, trouble paying bills, scrounging for cash, getting the common "we're not looking right now, maybe in a month or so etc...

I've finally decided that the only way to make a more secure living for myself, would be to go 3D. Right now, it's in huge demand, especially for character animators in 3D. I've called up a close friend, and fantastic and experienced 3D animator to give me a crash course in Maya, and who knows where my career will go from there. All I know is that I have to make myself marketable to a market that's in need. It'll also get my feet into those animation studios that have been turning me down due to the shortage of work.

Wish me luck, cause I'm wishing you all luck out there as well. I know it's a tough little ride out there for alot of us.