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Approaching Animation Companies

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Approaching Animation Companies

Hi, This is my first post on here...what a great site!

I have graduated with a Diploma in Multimedia, which (as the name indicates) covered a very broad spectrum of subjects. The trouble with the course is that I didn't gain indepth training in anything in particular. I used 3D Studio Max and Flash (among other programs) but I wouldn't feel confident approaching an employer with my knowledge base. The course did have a good traditional art and and art theory component, and I came to the course with traditional art skills too.

There are two main companies in my area. I was planning to literally knock on their door with my resume and show reel. I'm not backwards in coming forwards. I don't feel I'm anywhere near ready to do it yet (or maybe I'm just chicken!) I feel I have much to offer any company that takes me on, especially when it comes to passion, dedication and hard work.

The thing that's given me a real push, is that one of the companies is repeatedly ADVERTISING (OMG how often do you see that?) for animators, artists etc etc etc. Is it the wrong thing to do to email and ask them what they are looking for in an application? I really don't know which way to aim my efforts when it comes to a showreel. I've read that a lot of companies just want to see you can really ANIMATE. Therefore, a short sequence in Flash or of claymation would be acceptable. Is this true? Do companies expect you as a new grad to know the software inside out? Or do they sometimes take you on your potential? Do you think it's dangerous for me to approach one of these companies with a showreel I'm not happy with yet? Do they look at you again, or do you just get that one shot?

I really have a strong desire to break into this field, but I feel like a train that's got it's engine running flat out, but it doesn't know which track it needs to run on!

Please give me a hand! :)

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.