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Hey! I got into Southampton!

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Hey! I got into Southampton!

Hi again everyone!

Just to let you know i got int Southampton to do BA in Animation! Got an unconditional offer on Tuesday! So I start in September!

I'd like to thank everyone on this board who hs given me advice and help over the years, I couldn't have done it without you and probaby wouldn't have as much information on the subject either.

When the course leader looked at my animation work (not much but I'd put my experiments together) he saidit was great to see someone with such an enthusiasm in animation. And he especially liked my walk cycles, so thanks to all who helped, especially Tony White over at the Desktop, he practically taught me how to do it properly!

Just wondering if anyone else on the board is going through or has gone through the university/college thing? Any news?


Well Done!


Well done. Hope it all goes well for you.

I went to Southampton Institute, it's not a bad place to study. I also met my wife there (which was nice)

If you need any advice on bars. wine bars, pubs etc. I can certainly help as I spent most of my college time in one or the other.


The Brothers McLeod

Congrats! Hope you teach them a thing or two.;)

southampton institute is full of people called adam

2 of the animation lecturers are called adam and there is about 7 adams across the 3 years of animation
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