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Rockfish - anyone seen it yet?

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Rockfish - anyone seen it yet? Go to Animation/Shorts and check out the Rockfish quicktime.

I would like to know what people think re. the characters and how they exist within the narrative.

Personally, I really like this piece as a whole. Technically its beautiful and shot selection is hugely dynamic making it a very gripping visual piece. Buuuut, i feel the characters are a little dull where their personalities and relationship with each other are concerned. Something about them just doesn't click for me....what do you think? As far as the designs are concerned mind, i really like them and the features for both of them are really strong. They just seem to be crying out for some comedic exageration as far as the animation is concerned.

Having said that, i don't know what the character bibles consisted of, perhaps this is the way it was meant to be.

Curious to know what people think! Good to see the boards back up and running :)


I'll get me coat! :o

It looked cool. I wasn't blown away by the animation or anything. Solid animation, but nothing earth shattering for me. I really didn't like the boots that the guy had on. The foot didn't flex when he walked and gave it a kind of floaty feel to him.

The texturing of the whole thing looked nice. Good job on that and the special effects.

The story was sooooooo slow just for that one joke in the end. Also I got confused a bit. When the guy was getting pulled along, he put the truck thing in reverse. Then a shot or two later, it's now in forward gear coming to run him over. Minor story hole, but thats what happens when it's slow, you notice the nit picky things.

Good stuff all around, I just thing the story and the animation could have been better.

Doesn't some one here work for Blur Studios? Did you work on this project?

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