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Dire, The Chornicles - Animators wanted for new Anime/Live-Action series! LOW PAY!

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Dire, The Chornicles - Animators wanted for new Anime/Live-Action series! LOW PAY!

UPDATED - MAY 2nd - RATE UPDATE - Official Site - Production Company - Our Award Winning Post Production Facility - Our Studio Services Facility.


ANIME STYLE ANIMATORS - Animators or Companies involved in Anime style animation. Ready to team up with us on our Live-Action/Anime project? Read below for information and where to submit - May 1st, 2004

PAYMENT: $10,000 US - This is our new budget for the animators. We are still trying to raise more money..

ANIME STYLE: Looking for an Anime Style that is cross between Kill Bill and Aon Flux.
The following is the structure for animation and live-action for the first show.

Opening 10 minutes - ANIME
20 Minute middle - LIVE-ACTION
10 Minute ANIME Closing
The animator/s would be responsible for 20 minutes of total animation.

THE PREMISE OF DIRE: The Anime setup is in it's final stages of development.
What is Dire? Well I will give you a glimpse. Obviously those that are interested can contact us and you will be provided, given we feel the interest is genuine, more information regarding the story and/or a shooting script.

Dire is a dark action anime/film founded on the premise of a true incident that happened in the U.S in 2003. It is based on the character of Dire Wolf, the famed wheelman of Los Angeless drug and export kingpin, Cornelius Driscol. Dire, kidnapped as a child because of his fathers gambling debts, remains locked in a dark cell with a group of other kids. They would never agian see the light of day.

Soon after his kidnapping, Driscol murdered Dires parents and his little brother, erasing all traces of Dires life...or so he thought.

For years, Dire and the other boys in captive, undergo years of operations to their eyes. Operations performed by Driscols personal surgeon, Claus Weinhoff. After years of operations and after the deaths of several kids due to complications, they finally achieved success...Dire and three others are left with completely nocturnal vision (Human Night Vision) and Driscols plan to create the new breed of wheelman is coming to a fold.

Dire, now in his late thirties and an urban legend of Los Angeles, is entered into the Driscols smuggling operating. When he is not in his cell, he is chained to the seat of a Black Lamborghini Diablo in the middle of the night...speeding across state lines at a hundred-seventy miles-an-hour. Using his sugically altered vision to pierce the night sky and deliver Driscols precious cargo.

But what Driscol doesnt realize is that Dire, now tasting fresh for the first air after almost twenty years in his cell, is planning his escape. Planning to free the others in captive and get revenge for the murder of his parents. The war is about to begin and Driscol is about to become a victim of his own creation...

The rest I will leave for those truly interested in this project. This is merely the premise. The first of the series of stories, which is what this posting is for, covers his life up to the point of his first mission.

A Team of Animators, that would be interested in getting involved with us on the ground floor of this future franchise. This would be a perfect opportunity for the skilled animator with a vision, who hasnt been given the pallet to showcase their work. A copy of our shooting script and more information regarding the positions will be provided to accepted applicants. Applicants do not need to be located in the United States. We are looking for a certain look and feel but will try and offer as much creative freedom to the animators as possible so long as it doesnt change the story. However a good story idea will always be taken into consideration. We are a collaborative group of filmmakers and are looking to establish a long-term relationship as we have several properties we are developing that require animation.

Color Designer
Art Directors/Background Arts
Character Designer
Mecha Designer
Asst. Directors (Storyboarders)

Layout Designers
Key Animators
Animation Directors
Color Designers
· Clean Up
· Digital Painters
· Special Effects Artists
· Painted Frame Supervisors
Cinematography Director
· Compositor
· Editor

Our goal would be to be able to assemble for distribution the twenty minutes of animation and 20 minutes of live-action for a screening in late fall of 2004. The Live-Action portion of the shoot, starring Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down, There's Something About Mary, Kindergarten Cop, Boomtown) as Dire Wolf, shoots in late June. We are currently finalizing casting on the co-starring and supporting roles. The ANIME portion is the setup from childhood to his first mission. The live-action is the first mission in his LAMBORGHINI DIABLO, departing from downtown Los Angeles, in pursuit by police helicopters and the setup of his hope for revenge.

TO SUBMIT ONLINE: Include the following
Demo/Past Work (Quicktime, Windows Media file)
Resume - Job History
Contact Info - Name, Address, Email, Phone, Etc...


TO SUBMIT VIA US MAIL: Include the following
DEMO/PAST WORK - VHS tape, DVD or Video CD
RESUME - Job History
Contact Info - Name, Address, Email, Phone, Etc...

Sunset Entertainment A.M.P.C Inc
ATTN: Dire Animation
6063 Sunset Boulevard
Hollywood, CA 90028
(Material Sent in will not be returned)

We are also currently speaking to several comic book companies about creating a comic series, Dire, The Chronicles, based off this short. Regardless, we plan to continue on with more Chronicles and build toward the feature film.

Thank you for looking at this and I look forward to speaking to all you creatives soon.

------------------------------------------ TERMS ---------------------------------------------------------
By submitting your work you agree that you have the right to submit said material and you understand that Sunset Entertainment can not be held liable for any/all similarities in animation or story done by Sunset Entertainment on future projects.

You also agree that this job is not guaranteed upon submission and that if you send any material to Sunset Entertainment it will not be returned.

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