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Sorry, this isn't directly animation-related, (Head for the hills!) although there will certainly be plenty of CGI.

It's another comic book movie thread.

Watchmen is headed for the big screen again, following Terry Gilliam's aborted attempt back in the 1980s.

This time around, Watchmen will be produced by Lloyd Levin (Six Million Dollar Man [movie], Hellboy, Tomb Raider, Mystery Men, Boogie Nights, The Rocketeer),

written by David Hayter (X-men, X2, Scorpion King),

and directed by Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Requiem for a Dream, Lone Wolf and Cub [from the Japanese comic book]).

It'll be based on the comic book by Alan Moore (MiracleMan, Swamp Thing, From Hell, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen).

Info on Lone Wolf and Cub (Aronofsky's film before Watchmen) is HERE:

...I wouldn't mind if Cory Walker stepped up to the plate and did a 2D-animated feature of "Invincible"...or, another one of my favorites, a live-action feature of Amanda Conner's "The Pro"--about a prostitute who gets superpowers...


Hey there cybercyst thanks for the info on "The Pro"--about a prostitute who gets superpowers... It looks like a great read. That stuff is right down my ally.

It's been awhile since i read the wacthmen. It was a great read. I never knew what it was about, one of my friends had it on one of his book cases and the bleeding dot always cought my attention. I didn't know that they tried to do a live action movie about it and they're attempting to do it again. If they do make it it's on my list of movies to go see. I don't know if they'll mess it up but it can't be anywhere near the old punisher.

Thanks for the info Harvey Human. :)

Darn i tried looking for it on amazon Cybercyst. The Pro that is. Any thoughts as to where i might be able to get my hands on this gem?

The first time I heard about a Watchmen movie, I was scared to the bones. But after hearing about the producer and the director, a tiny hope showed up. I just hope that Alan Moore will conduct the whole process like Mike Mignola did to Hellboy.

Any ideas for the actors? I'll start with a quick list of my own:

BURT REYNOLDS or BRUCE WILLIS as the [b]Comedian
MOBY[/b] as Dr Manhattan
DREW CARREY as the [b]Nite Owl
RYAN PHILLIPE[/b] as Ozymandias
ALAN MOORE as Rorschach
DITA VON TESSE as the [b]Silk Spectre

Darn i tried looking for it on amazon Cybercyst. The Pro that is. Any thoughts as to where i might be able to get my hands on this gem?

I got it about a year ago at Golden Apple on Melrose Ave, in the Independent/Alternative Comics section of the store...I think they re-released it recently with a new cover and a new eight-page story at the end: "The Pro vs. The Ho."...honest! :D

another superhero movie
hope it's good

Looks like 12 Monkeys, Batman, Xmen, and Dark City had a date with The Pro and this is the result. But it's all good.

Looks like it's pretty true to the book. I was actually kind of mad. They were supposed to screen it in front of Dark Knight, but they didn't. I hope it'll be good. From what I saw in the trailer they are on the right track.

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