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early shrek 2 review

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early shrek 2 review

we haven't even seen it yet!

i hope everyone leaves the cinema as happy as this guy....

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I can't wait to see Shrek 2...I loved the first one; thought it was really funny. Espescially loved the Robin Hood scene. The writers & director(s) did a great job with timing and stuff.:)

i know the feeling kevan, it seems everyone gets to see the movie before the artists do (o:

I have no doubt its going to make lots and lots of money. The trailer cracks me up, they have my ten bucks!

any specific scenes we need to look out for (that are yours)?

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I can't wait to see it either. My friend and I are already psyched about it. Looks awesome. There are very few movies I see in the theaters. This will definately be one of them. :D

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thanks guys! we get a super-special screening in a couple of weeks, which i'm really looking forward to....

hey mr matt, i'll let you know what bits are mine after the film's out. i don't want to spoil anything for you! :)

one thing that's completely bowled me over is just how popular shrek is over here. i hadn't realised before seeing people's reaction to the new film...


Hey guys,

Found another interesting review, quite a good read aswell...

'Shrek 2' solid, skillful sequel to earlier Dreamworks hit.

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