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student films done?

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student films done?

The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. Spring is in the air. It's nearing the end of the year for many animation students around the world! Would any of you animation students care to show us what you've been toiling over all year?

I would post something, but I have nothing, since I'm not an animation student.

So Sad.

But I'm sure everyone around here would like to see what you guys have been doing.


me too

i have a dream....and that dream is an online database of all animation created by all people....for all people to see.....for free
for more movies and downloads

the fastest polygon in the west!


if you go to they have lots of animations to watch for free, for as long as you can take it.

Don't do nothing because you can't do everything.

Try David's site

Here is the site of David Bokser who will graduate with a BFA from SCAD in three days. Yesterday, he showed his newest film - THE OLD MAN AND THE FISH. It isn't on his site yet. It will blow your mind!

His newest reel is not up yet- but hang around after his current reel plays his film TRAFFIK is there. It played at SIGGRAPH last year.



Unreal! Definately worth the time it took to download! I can't wait to see The Old Man and The Fish.

Larry, thanks for the very kind words. I came upon this thread trying to find out my login name, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see you mentioning my film and talking it up. :) Now I just hope it can live up to expectations.

The film's online now at

I'm going to update the reel on my site shortly.



A couple of students here at RIT (Sunny Kharbanda and Suchi Pahwa) made a film that I quite like. You can view it at if you like.

- Marla