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Effects Headline News

Lord Of The Rings Still Golden

Fantasy actioner THE LORD OF THE RINGS, with primary visual effects by WETA, held on to the top spot in its fourth week in theaters with $16.2M, just edging out the number two film A BEAUTIFUL MIND, which took in $15.2M in its second week in wide release. That gives LORD a smashing cume of $228.3M. A BEAUTIFUL MIND, with primary visual effects by Digital Domain, has grossed $58.4M so far. OCEANS ELEVEN, with visual effects by E=mc2 and Cinesite, slid another spot to fourth, earning $7.7M for a generous 6-week cume of $162.7M.

Film Headline News

Shrek Picks Up Two More

SHREK continued its award winning streak this weekend by picking up the Peoples Choice Award for favorite motion picture and a Broadcast Film Critics Association Critics Choice Award for best animated feature. In the pre-Oscar animated feature race, SHREK has been the recipient of the majority of critics kudos, however WAKING LIFE did manage to grab the nod from the New York Film Critics Circle. The next major awards presented are the Golden Globes, where SHREK is the lone animated film in competition for Best Motion Picture -- Musical or Comedy.

Effects Headline News

Visual Effects Oscar Hopefuls Announced

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the eight films being considered for Achievement in Visual Effects for the 74th Academy Awards. Fifteen-minute clip reels from each of the following films will be screened for the Visual Effects Award nominating committee on February 6. The members will then nominate three for Oscar consideration.

The films are:






Film Headline News

Shrek Wins Again - Awards Updates

As we edge closer to Oscar time, the critics continue to weigh in with their picks. On January 2, 2002 the Online Film Critics Society gave the nod to SHREK as Best Animated Feature. If youre counting, thats three critics' awards for SHREK, one for WAKING LIFE and none for the other Academy Awards qualifiers. January 5, 2002 saw the American Film Institute (AFI) bestow Film of the Year honors on LORD OF THE RINGS, which beat out nine other nominees (including SHREK) to take home the top prize.

Weekend Headline News

Rings Knocks Out Competition In Third Round

Epic fantasy THE LORD OF THE RINGS, with primary visual effects by WETA, ruled as the number one film for the third week in a row, nabbing another $23M this weekend to break the $200M mark after just 18 days. The AFI honored RINGS as "Film of the Year" this weekend and it has earned $205.5M after just 19 days in theaters. The drama A BEAUTIFUL MIND, with primary visual effects by Digital Domain, claimed the number two spot, with $17M in its first week of wide release. The film, which is inspired by the life of schizophrenic mathematician John Nash, has earned $38.2M after three weeks.

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Computercafe Drops A Bomb For Impostor

Santa Monica-based effects studio Computercafe created a "living" bomb that is extracted from a human body for the upcoming Dimension Films release IMPOSTOR. Computercafes primary visual effects contribution to the film was the 3D organic bomb featured in three scenes. Because the bomb is found nestled in the chest cavity of a human host, art director Ron Honn, animation supervisor Taron and digital effects supervisor David Ebner designed the device to resemble an internal organ.

Weekend Headline News

Lord Of The Rings Rules Holiday Weekend

The first installment of the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy, THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING is shaping up to be a huge success for New Line Cinema. Already benefiting from repeat viewings, the film, with primary digital effects by WETA in New Zealand, continues its number one run, bringing in $56.9M over the five-day holiday weekend for an astounding two-week total of $174.1M.

Headline News

Opus' Opus

Dimension Films has acquired the rights to develop and produce an animated feature based on BLOOM COUNTYs pantless penguin Opus, with creator Berkeley Breathed attached to write and direct. The project is the first from the newly established first look deal between Dimension and Storyopolis Productions. The character Opus debuted in 1980 in Breatheds BLOOM COUNTY comic strip, and eventually appeared in a series of cartoon collections, as well as children's books, an animated television special, and a line of collectible items.

Effects Headline News

Rings Lords Over Box Office

As everyone predicted LORD OF THE RINGS, with primary digital effects by WETA in New Zealand, was easily number one at the U.S. box office this long, holiday weekend. Opening on Wednesday, December 19, the film pulled in over $18 million in the first 24 hours alone. As of Sunday, December 23, the film has a cume of $73.1 million and shows no sign of slowing down as other newcomers had weak openings. Ultra-slick OCEANS ELEVEN, with visual effects by E=mc2 and Cinesite, is holding strong with a second place finish of $14.6M and a cume of $95.2M.

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Captain Sabretooth Gets Animated

Scandinavian animation production company Happy Life and sister company ColorPop are producing an animated feature film based on the popular Norwegian character Captain Sabretooth. THE WORLD'S MOST CRUEL PIRATE is scheduled to premiere in Norway in December 2003. Happy Life will be responsible for animating Captain Sabretooth and his fellow pirates, and Stig Bergqvist of FilmTecknarna F. Animation, who recently directed the feature RUGRATS IN PARIS: THE MOVIE, has signed on to direct. The total budget of the feature is US$5.2 million.

Animated Headline News

Critics' Nods Predict The Noms

Now that the animated feature category is a lock, the Oscar race is on, and critics groups from around the country are starting to weigh in with their picks. Although the New York Film Critics Circle chose WAKING LIFE as best animated film of the year, SHREK is pulling ahead in the accolades department. The DreamWorks blockbuster picked up the award for best animated film from the National Board of Review and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, as well as making a list of ten nominees for best film of the year from both the AFI and the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

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X-Men And Hulk Are Unleashed

Release dates for two potential blockbuster summer features were announced this week, but youll have to wait until 2003 to see them. 20th Century Fox will unveil X2, the sequel to their $300 million hit X-MEN, on May 2, 2003. X2 will reunite the original cast of mutants and involve the same key creative team, including director Bryan Singer; producers Ralph Winter, Lauren Shuler Donner and Avi Arad; and screenwriter David Hayter.

Effects Headline News

Vanilla Sky Tops Box Office

Vanilla Sky Tops Box Office. The psychological drama VANILLA SKY, with visual effects by Digital Domain, was number one at the box office this weekend, bringing in a strong $25M in its debut. Casino heist flick OCEANS ELEVEN, with visual effects by E=mc2 and Cinesite, ran a close second earning $23M for a two-week cume of $73.3M. HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERERS STONE, with visual effects by Sony Pictures Imageworks and Rhythm & Hues, fell two spots to fourth, with $9.9M for the weekend and $253.3M to date.

Film Headline News

Waking Life Is Named Best Animated Film By NY Film Critics

The day after it was announced that the 74th Academy Awards would present an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, the New York Film Critics Circle has chosen WAKING LIFE as best animated film of the year. The 37-member New York Film Critics Circle is made up of New York-based newspaper, magazine and online film critics. While the awards are responsible for generating early Oscar-buzz for the winning films, the Circle is also known for their idiosyncratic picks. Now that the Animated Feature category is a lock, the critics will be weighing in right and left with their choices.

Film Headline News

Beauty and the Beast Celebrates 10th Anniversary With Large Format Debut

Walt Disney Pictures' Academy Award-winning animated classic, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, will celebrate its 10th anniversary with the January 1, 2002 release of a new Large Format Cinema Special Edition. Following the success of FANTASIA 2000, which was the first Disney film to be released in large format and grossed over $51 million, this special edition includes the newly animated six-minute musical sequence "Human Again," featuring the song written for the original film by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken.

Animated Headline News

Academy Award For Best Animated Feature To Be Given For 2001

Months of anticipation, followed by concern that not enough films would be submitted or found eligible, have led to the announcement that the 74th Academy Awards will include a category for Best Animated Feature. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences issued this press release announcing that a feature-length animated film will be awarded a competitive Oscar for the first time next March at the 74th Academy Award presentations.

* * *

Effects Headline News

Ocean's Eleven Sinks Harry Potter

8. OCEANS ELEVEN SINKS HARRY POTTER. The remake of the Rat Pack classic OCEANS ELEVEN, with visual effects by E=mc2 and Cinesite, topped the box office this weekend, raking in $38.1M and taking the prize for the biggest December opening of all time. OCEANS ELEVEN was the only new wide release this weekend, so as each film moved down a notch to make room for the new number one, the order of the top ten stayed relatively the same.

Lights Headline News

Cinesite Enhances Reality For Spy Game

Cinesite Hollywood completed two dozen shots for Universal Studios' new film SPY GAME, directed by Tony Scott and starring Robert Redford and Brad Pitt. Cinesite's work included the enhancement of reflections in an interrogation scene, blowing out a grid of lights in a night landscape scene, and adding muzzle flashes, sparks, bullet holes, dust and debris. Cinesite visual effects supervisor Kevin Lingenfelser said there are no blue or green screen shots in the film. A few explosions occur in the film, but they were achieved using practical, in-camera methods.

Effects Headline News

Reality Check Studios Goes Behind Enemy Lines

Visual effects and design company Reality Check Studios (RCS), completed over 75 effects shots for 20th Century Fox's BEHIND ENEMY LINES, now in theaters. As the primary visual effects house for the film, RCS artists built computer-generated planes, missiles, parachutes, and pilots and enhanced shots with smoke, debris and explosions. In an 8-minute sequence during which the lead character is shot down over enemy territory, RCS had a team of 16 animators working to create extensive 3D effects where CG elements were integrated into live action footage.

Film Headline News

Monsters, Inc. Adding Animated Outtakes To Theatrical Prints

Hoping to get people back in theaters to see MONSTERS, INC. one more time, Disney/Pixar has announced that they will be adding a specially-created group of animated ``outtakes'' to the end credits of the film. Creating the animated bloopers is now a tradition for Disney/Pixar and has proved very popular with moviegoers. The outtakes will be shown in theaters beginning this Friday, December 7, 2001. Audiences will also be able to download a sneak preview of the outtakes beginning Friday at and

Effects Headline News

Harry Potter Hangs On To Number One

Although its weekend take of $24.1M represents a 58% drop from last weekend, HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERERS STONE, with visual effects by Sony Pictures Imageworks and Rhythm & Hues, remained number one for the third week in a row, and crossed the $200M mark after 15 days. HARRY has earned $220.1M after three weeks of release. The rescue drama BEHIND ENEMY LINES, with visual effects by Reality Check Studios and OCS/Freeze Frame/Pixel Magic, came in a strong second, earning $19.2M in its debut.

Headline News

DivX Networks Offers Aid To Independent Filmmakers

DivXNetworks is offering a special program that allows independent filmmakers to license DivX video technology at no cost for certain types of limited commercial use. To promote this program DivX is showing the animated short Killer Bean 2 on the DivX site. Killer Bean 2 was released in 2000 and has been viewed over 1 million times across a number of Websites. The 7-minute short film can now be viewed in full-screen high-resolution DivX format at, along with the trailer for the forthcoming third installment Killer Bean 3.

Effects Headline News

Mr. X Thinks Outside The Box For Hypercube

Toronto-based visual effects company Mr. X, Inc. has been tapped by Lions Gate Entertainment for effects supervision and to create a mix of character animation, photo-realistic environments, effects animation and complete the compositing for Hypercube, the sequel to the 1997 sci-fi thriller Cube. The Mr. X team, led by president Dennis Berardi and visual effects supervisor Aaron Weintraub, are creating the effects for virtually everything that makes the cube a harrowing experience for those trapped within its confines.

Effects Headline News

Neighborhood Effects For Life As A House

Santa Monica, California-based effects studio Sassoon Film Design (SFD) completed the visual effects for New Line Cinema's LIFE AS A HOUSE, now in theaters. SFD was the primary effects house and worked with the film's producers from pre-production, supervising on set through to completion of final shots. In the film's final sequence, SFD needed to create the illusion of an idyllic neighborhood with a long helicopter shot of the house that is the center of the story.

Headline News

ComputerCafe Puts Some Fight Into The One

ComputerCafe's animation team created a pair of photorealistic, "chi" police officers and their motorcycles for a critical fight scene in the new Jet Li starrer THE ONE. ComputerCafe also composited the chi stuntmen with live-action plates in which Jet Li appears to engage them in hand-to-hand combat. The finished effects shots are seamlessly intercut with other shots in which real actors and motorcycles were used. Directed by James Wong, THE ONE centers on a sheriff's deputy who confronts an evil alternate version of himself (both played by Li) from a parallel universe.