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Version Headline News

Cameron Can Fathom Live-Action Version

Director James Cameron's production company has signed on to develop a live-action version of Top Cow Prods.' popular comic book FATHOM. Created and illustrated by Michael Turner, FATHOM tells the story of young Aspen Mathews. After being found on an abandoned yacht with no memory of her past, she grows up and becomes an Olympic swimmer and marine biologist. During her research, she discovers a mysterious underwater race and her own aquatic powers. It is unlikely an animated version will ever see light though.

Visual Headline News

The Musketeer Is All For One At The Box Office

Despite generally poor reviews, the swordplay actioner THE MUSKETEER, with primary visual effects by Das Werk, managed to leap to the front of a rather wan pack during the first weekend of the fall movie season bringing in $10.7M for its debut. JEEPERS CREEPERS, with primary visual effects by E=MC2 and Max Ink Café LLC, fell three spots from last week's number one to come in fourth with a weekend gross of $6.1M, bringing its two week total to $24.3M.

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Filmtecknarna Opens Venice Film Festival

Stockholm-based animation company Filmtecknarna has created four 2-minute long animated treatments of the Venice Biennale logo, projected onstage during the opening and closing events at the 58th International Venice Film Festival, August 29-September 8, 2001. Drawing on such diverse inspiration as the Italian comic La Lineau and shadows cast by people as they walk across the stage, the four spots experiment with organic shapes that shift and change to form the logo.

Visual Headline News

Jeepers Creeps To Number One

The new horror film JEEPERS CREEPERS, with primary visual effects by E=MC2 and Max Ink Café LLC, debuted at number one earning $15.8M over the four-day Labor Day weekend. RUSH HOUR 2, with primary visual effects by Cinesite, held the number two spot for the fourth consecutive week with a four-day take of $11.8M bringing its total gross to $198.9M. Holding steady in fifth place is the road comedy RAT RACE, with animated opening titles by Wild Brain, which has grossed $37.8M after 17 days.

Disney Headline News

Disney Will Not Release Miyazaki's New Film Spirited Away

Excited about seeing Hayao Miyazaki's new film SPIRITED AWAY? Don't hold your breath. Disney has no plans of releasing the film in the U.S. In an article, David Jessen, vice president of acquisitions at Disney's Buena Vista, said he has seen the film and that he likes it, but that other Disney executives have not. Disney currently has no official plans to release any more of Miyazaki's films in America, he said, adding "we are strategizing now worldwide." The reason for the move is the disappointing results of PRINCESS MONONOKE.

Million Headline News

Jay & Silent Bob Debuts In Third

With AMERICAN PIE 2 staying a third week in the top spot, RUSH HOUR 2 held tight in second with JAY & SILENT BOB STRIKE BACK debuting in third. RUSH HOUR 2, with primary visual effects by Cinesite, took home another US$11.4 million, raising its cume to $183.3 million. JAY & SILENT BOB, with primary visual effects by Digital Research Lab, MetroLight Studios and Tigar Hare Studios, racked in $11.1 million, making it the highest opening for a film from director Kevin Smith.

Headline News

Fabio To Animate Thor Feature

Believe it or not, but model Fabio has formed an animation company. The yet untitled firm is producing a feature based on the Marvel comic, THOR: GOD OF THUNDER. "To me, the future of TV and movies is going to be 3D animation," said Fabio to PEOPLE magazine. "Sad to say, but I think actors are going to be out of jobs." The 42-year old former romance novel cover model currently works out of his six-room Los Angeles home.

Films Headline News

What's Next For PDI/Dreamworks?

Riding on the success of SHREK, DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg has announced that two CGI films will go into production simultaneously at PDI/DreamWorks. Three films are currently in pre-production, and once solidified, will go into production. The first project is TUSKER, which has been floating round the studio for years. The action-adventure story is set in Southeast Asia and will follow a herd of elephants.

Million Headline News

Osmosis Jones Slips Out Of The Top Ten

With OSMOSIS JONES slipping out of the top ten, the U.S. box office remained mostly live-action. With AMERICAN PIE 2 claiming the top spot for a second straight week, RUSH HOUR 2 held tight to the #2 slot, grossing US$19.2 million. The kung-fu caper, with primary visual effects by Cinesite, has racked up $164.8 million. RAT RACE, with animated opening titles by Wild Brain, debuted at #3 with a gross of $11.8 million. At #6, CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN, with primary visual effects by Double Negative, sung home $7.1 million in its premiere.

Headline News

Christopher Walken Joins Stuart Little 2's Voice Cast

Academy Award-winner Christopher Walken has joined the voice cast of Columbia Pictures' STUART LITTLE 2. He joins a voice cast, which includes Michael J. Fox, Nathan Lane, Steve Zahn and Melanie Griffith. Walken will voice the character of Falcon, a sharp-beaked villain who puts Stuart and a new friend in danger. Scheduled to hit theaters July 19, 2002, the sequel follows the continuing adventures of Stuart (voiced by Fox), the beloved mouse who was adopted by the Littles, a human family. Rob Minkoff will return as the director of the film.

Wild Headline News

Wild Brain Creates Opening Credits Rat Race

Wild Brain has completed production on the animated opening title sequence for Paramount's upcoming film RAT RACE, directed by Jerry Zucker (AIRPLANE!). Wild Brain director Julia Tortolani provided the title design and animation. The opening title sequence features animated Photo Collage Puppets of the movie's characters. The sequence comes to a climax when four of the characters take the director's credit and run across the desert, through a collaged version of Las Vegas and into the front door of the Venetian Hotel.

Film Headline News

Tristar Pictures To Release Anime Feature Metropolis

TriStar Pictures is set to release METROPOLIS, directed by Rintaro (X) and written by anime legend Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA), in the U.S. on November 9. Based on the classic comic by Osamu Tezuka, the film is set in the futuristic city populated by humans and robots. Amidst the chaos created by anti-robot factions, detective Shunsaku Ban and his sidekick Ken-ichi are searching for rebel scientist Dr. Laughton, to arrest him and seize his latest creation, Tima, a beautiful young female android created to succeed the leader of Metropolis. The film is a combination of cel and digital animation.

Game Headline News

Collision Acquires Rights To Video Game Max Payne

Los Angeles-based development and production company, Collision Entertainment, has acquired the film and television rights to MAX PAYNE, one of the most highly anticipated video game releases of the last several years, from game producer 3D Realms. Dimension Films will distribute the property in the U.S., with Abandon Entertainment handling international distribution. Max Payne is a DEA operative deep undercover, torn between avenging the mafia murders of his wife and child and being framed for the murder of a fellow agent.

Million Headline News

Osmosis Jones Debuts In Seventh

With strictly live-action fare taking the top four spots, PLANET OF THE APES plummeted to fifth with a gross of US$13.32 million. The sixth in the APES series, with primary visual effects by ILM, has drummed up $148.73 million to date. Falling from fourth to finish sixth, JURASSIC PARK III stomped home with another $7.30 million. The living fossil franchise, with primary visual effects by ILM, has gobbled up $160.20 million so far. Debuting in seventh place, Warner Bros. OSMOSIS JONES took in a meager $5.75 during its first weekend in release.

Film Headline News

Disney Vet Helming Universal's Where The Wild Things Are

Universal has green-lit an animated version of Maurice Sendak's classic children's book WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE. Adding more intrigue to the project, Disney veterans Eric Golderg and David Reynolds (THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE) have been signed to direct and write the film respectively. Goldberg co-directed POCAHONTAS and was a key animator on such films as ALADDIN, HERCULES and FANTASIA 2000. Due to the fact that Tom Hanks' Playtone Prods. is producing the film, the TOY STORY star will most likely be a member of the voice cast.

Million Headline News

Planet Of The Apes Slips To Second

With the debut of live-action comedy RUSH HOUR 2, PLANET OF THE APES slipped to second place with a gross of US$27.54 million. The Tim Burton epic, with primary visual effects by ILM, has peeled off $123.7 million thus far. Dropping a spot to finish in fourth, JURASSIC PARK III roared in another $12.27 million. The dinosaur sensation, with primary visual effects by ILM, has gobbled up $147 million to date. In ninth, DR. DOLITTLE drummed up an additional $2.27 million. The animal antics, with primary visual effects by Rhythm & Hues, have grabbed $106.2 million so far.

Million Headline News

Audiences Go Ape At The US Box Office

Those damn bloody apes of PLANET OF THE APES ruled the U.S. box office in their debut weekend. The re-envisioned PLANET, with primary visual effects by ILM, lassoed US$69.55 million. Dropping to second, JURASSIC PARK III racked in another $22.5 million. The dino disaster, with primary visual effects by ILM, has feasted on $124.8 million in only two weeks in U.S. theaters. Also dropping a spot to land in sixth, CATS & DOGS brought home an additional $4.52 million. The pet warfare flick, with primary visual effects by Tippett Studios and Rhythm & Hues, has drummed up $81.52 million to date. DR.

Million Headline News

Jurassic Sized Jolt Hits The US Box Office

People still like dinosaurs. JURASSIC PARK III roared into first place at the weekend box office with an astounding US$50.3 million. The pterodactyl tirade, with primary visual effects by ILM, has rounded up $80.9 million since its Wednesday debut. Family fave CATS & DOGS fell from third to land on its paws in fifth, grossing another $6.77 million. The canine comedy, with primary visual effects by Tippett Studios and Rhythm & Hues, has caterwauled in $72.38 million to date. SCARY MOVIE 2 placed in seventh, grossing out audiences to the tune of $4.4 million.

Million Headline News

Shrek Stars To Receive $5 Million For Sequel

VARIETY reports that Dreamworks is offering Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz US$5 million apiece to reprise their roles for the SHREK sequel. For the first film the three stars deferred most of their salary to the backend. With SHREK's gross standing at over US$240 million, each has made approximately $3 million on the film so far. Murphy is reportedly the first to negotiate his deal, which will dictate how much the others will receive.

Million Headline News

Cats & Dogs Drops to 3rd, Final Fantasy Falters

Last weeks #1, Warner Bros.' CATS & DOGS falls to third behind the debut of live-action flicks LEGALLY BLONDE and THE SCORE. CATS & DOGS nipped another US$12 million. The puppy-powered pic, with primary visual effects by Tippett Studios and Rhythm & Hues, has licked up approximately $48 million in two weeks. The much-hyped FINAL FANTASY: SPIRITS WITHIN faltered in its debut, only taking in $11.5 at #4. Produced by Sony and Square Co.

Digital Headline News

Final Fantasy To Be Released Digitally

On July 11, Columbia Pictures released FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN in digital cinema format in seven theaters. The seven cities that will display the film digitally are: AMC Empire, New York City, New York; Edwards Irvine Spectrum, Irvine, California.; AMC Media 6, Burbank, California.; Cinemark Legacy, Dallas, Texas; Famous Players Paramount, Toronto; AMC Barrington, Chicago, Illinois; and the AMC Van Ness, San Francisco, California.

Million Headline News

Independence Day Rains Cats & Dogs At Box Office

Warner Bros.' CATS & DOGS edged out Dimensions SCARY MOVIE 2 for the Independence Day weekend box office crown. The puppy and feline fracas, with primary visual effects by Tippett Studios and Rhythm & Hues, barked up US$21.67 million over Friday-Sunday and $35.72 million since Wednesday. SCARY 2, with primary visual effects by Artist's Asylum, laughed in $21 million over the weekend and $34.5 million since its debut on Wednesday. Steven Spielberg's A.I.: ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE dropped over 50% from its opening gross to take home $14.15 million in third.

Film Headline News

Lil' Pimp Lands Voice Talent

Revolution Studios has announced the stars attached to its Flash animated feature film LIL' PIMP. Bernie Mac, Jennifer Tilly, William Shatner and Carmen Electra have already signed on to voice characters in the film, which is based on the Web series of the same name. Rapper/thesp Lil' Kim is in final talks join the cast as well. The film is scheduled to hit theatres in 2002.

Headline News

Aardman Halts Tortoise vs Hare, Lays Off 90

Aardman Animations has halted work on TORTOISE VS HARE. The Bristol-based studio plans to start production up again in six months after script problems are worked out. Due to the hiatus 90 out of its 172 crew were laid off, but Aardman hopes to rehire them once production begins again. "The characters have got to be fleshed out," Aardman spokesman Arthur Sheriff said.

Artists Headline News

Digital.Art.Media Helps Rhythm & Hues On Dolittle 2

Santa Monica-based has announced their work helping DR. DOLITTLE 2 lead VFX studio, Rhythm & Hues, on 53 shots. helped created the lip synch needed to make many of the animal characters talk. "New systems could not circumvent the need for thousands of man-hours to be expended on very tedious artistic work," said Marc Kolbe, president of "But the effort is worth it when you see the movie.