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Interactive Gaming: Hollywood Goes Gaming

By Guest (not verified) | Wednesday, September 10, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: September 10, 2003

iHollywood Forum presents Interactive Gaming: Hollywood Goes Gaming at 5:30 pm. The event will address the current marriage between Hollywood and game companies and explore new job opportunities for Hollywood professionals in the burgeoning gaming industry.

Anime Events

Big Apple Anime Fest 2003

By Guest (not verified) | Friday, August 29, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: August 29, 2003

Billing itself as "The Cannes Film Festival of Anime Manga Culture," The Big Apple Anime Fest 2003 (BAAF 2003) highlights sci-fi, urban/hip-hop, rave/club and animation. This year

Show Events

Electronic Computer Trade Show 2003

By Guest (not verified) | Monday, August 25, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: August 25, 2003

The Electronic Computer Trade Show (ECTS) will showcase the latest in computer and video games hardware and software scheduled to hit retail outlets this Christmas. The trade show is the main attraction of a weeklong festival celebrating the world of computer games: London Games Week. In its 14th year, ECTS is the only place in Europe where you can preview all the Christmas hits and gaming technology set to launch in 2004.


SFWEB3D/Flash Kit 3D Showcase

By Guest (not verified) | Thursday, August 21, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: August 21, 2003

As part of the Flash Kit Developers conference this year, Jupitermedia has invited the SFWEB3D to host a showcase and discussion featuring the latest and best of web3D technologies and projects. The event will be hosted by SFWEB3D founder Larry Rosenthal of and is scheduled to feature demos and projects highlighting the newest in Web3D.


The Ultimate Gamers Expo

By Guest (not verified) | Friday, August 15, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: August 15, 2003

The Ultimate Gamers Expo is open to the general public and gives fans the chance to test drive the latest games and platforms, participate in tournaments and watch live entertainment. The event will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The festival admission is $20 for adults and $10 for anyone under the age of 17. For more information, visit

Work Events

Flashbang v5 Night

By Guest (not verified) | Friday, August 15, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: August 15, 2003

On August 15 at 7:00 pm, Flashbang v5 will showcase the best local and international interactive work. This year it is featuring even more visionary work including: interactive applications, digital animation, Websites, installations, games and more. The work this year will be presented on two large screens as well as on various computers at the event itself. All attendees will receive a limited-run event book with images from the submitted work, commentary on the work and articles about digital creativity and communication.


Flashbang v5 Day

By Guest (not verified) | Friday, August 15, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: August 15, 2003

Taking place at the Contemporary Art Center at 12 pm, Flashbang will hold a discussion with a variety of interactive experts. The day expo is free and will feature the following speakers: president & ceo Armchair Media Scott Woelfel; principals, Matter Jeff Harris and Ash Arnett; principal, Monumental Oliver Perrin; Discreet animation specialist Kelcey Privett; author of FLASH THE FUTURE and FLASH 5 CARTOONS AND GAMES FX/DESIGN Bill Turner; and animator and ASIFA board member Jerry Fuchs. Flashbang is presented by Monumental, ICE Design Group and Creative Know-Who. This year


QuakeCon 2003

By Guest (not verified) | Thursday, August 14, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: August 14, 2003

First held in 1996, QuakeCon is the brainchild of id Software game fans that originally wants to get together with online friends and talk about their favorite games. Now the event is the premiere multiplayer gaming conference. More than 3,000 attendees partake in the huge exhibit area featuring E3 quality displays from the likes of Activision, Apple, Sega and many others. The BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) area, powered by LinkSys, also grew larger to a 1,300 seat LAN party, the largest of its kind in North America.


Wireless Developer 2003

By Guest (not verified) | Monday, August 4, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: August 4, 2003

Wireless Developer 2003 offers speakers, workshops and sponsored programs targeted toward developers of wireless technology. The event is an opportunity for professionals to learn about marketing strategies, product roadmaps, SDKs and technical information to help them better run their businesses. The objective of the event is to

Animation Events

Amsterdam, Netherlands - Psychomechanics & Acting in Animation Seminar

By Guest (not verified) | Saturday, July 19, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: July 19, 2003

Bringing Virtual Figures to Life and Creating Convincing Animated Characters for Film and Television.

A unique, interactive, intensive 2-day advanced character development workshop conducted as part of the Psychomechanics European Training Tour. This seminar dynamically introduces participants (animators & game developers) to the pre-production and production processes which, in derivative applications, have been utilized in the most internationally successful animated U.S. films of the past 5 years.


AO2003: The Innovation Summit

By Guest (not verified) | Tuesday, July 15, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: July 15, 2003

AlwaysOn's conference, AO2003: The Innovation Summit, will be held at Stanford Law School on the Stanford University campus. Participants will discuss and debate what it means to be "always on." The event will allow professionals to uncover new opportunities and get some deals flowing.

Media Events

Challenge of Convergence Exhibition 2003

By Guest (not verified) | Monday, July 7, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: July 7, 2003

The Challenge of Convergence Exhibition 2003Video, Vision, graphics, VR, AR, new media...

The recent convergence of techniques borrowed from graphics, video & machine vision has realised a whole new realm of opportunities in visual media. From reducing the time and effort required for film post-production and special effects, to enhancing the experience of texture and immersion in virtual environments, the advent of knowledge-based graphics has influence across all fields of artistic and scientific endeavour.

July 7, 2003

Internet Events

Next Generation Internet Conference

By Guest (not verified) | Tuesday, June 24, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: June 24, 2003

The North American IPv6 Global Summit, is taking place June 24-27, 2003 in San Diego, at the California State University of San Diego.The next generation of the Internet (also known as Internet Protocol version 6 - the old Internet is version 4) will profoundly affect companies involved in online gaming, in telecommunications or in other heavy online traffic such as multimedia presentations. The new Internet will spawn a generation of opportunities, including jobs and yet-to-be-invented new classes of products.

Design Events

The Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg Pre-Portfolio Show

By Guest (not verified) | Monday, June 16, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: June 16, 2003

The Illinois Institute of Art-Schaumburg will be hosting a pre-portfolio event for our upcoming graduates. Please join us on Monday, June 16, 2003 at The Stonegate Conference and Banquet Center, 2401 West Higgins Road, Hoffman Estates, Illinois.

Come and view the portfolios of our upcoming graduates and find out more about our BFA degree programs in Interior Design, Multimedia & Web Design, Visual Communications, Media Arts & Animation, Digital Media Production and Game Art & Design.


AICP Award Show

By Guest (not verified) | Monday, June 9, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: June 9, 2003

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers (AICP) has announced an inaugural program honoring innovative work in screen-based integration of branded content, to take place June 9, 2003 at the MoMA Gramercy Theatre, 127 East 23rd Street, as part of the 12th Annual AICP Show & Brand Integration Honors.

Chicago Events

WIA Chicago Chapter launch party

By Guest (not verified) | Thursday, June 5, 2003 at 11:00am
Begins: June 5, 2003

Chicago Chapter of Women In Animation Launch Party

Location: 941 W. Lawrence Ave. Suite 500, Chicago, Illionois

Featuring: screenings, guest speakers, door prizes, libations and more.

Admission fee is $5 for WIA members, students and seniors and $10 for non-members.

Submit work for the screening. Animators are encouraged to contribute copies of their work on vhs format along with their contact information for archiving.

Services Events

IPTV World Forum Eastern Europe

By Guest (not verified) | Tuesday, November 30, 1999 at 11:00am
Begins: November 30, 1999

IPTV World Forum Eastern Europe 2007 will consider the current Pay TV markets in the region and the strategies of major players in terms of digital migration, the introduction of two-way interactive services and triple-play or quad-play offers. It will investigate the benchmark services required for IPTV market entry including broadcast TV, VOD and PVR functionality.